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Angry Birds Evolution Leveling Rewards Guide

Angry Birds Evolution Leveling Rewards Guide
Angry Birds Evolution offers an exciting new experience in the Angry Birds universe. This Angry Birds Evolution Levelling Rewards Guide covers the rewards you receive as you level up and progress through the game. As with previous games in the Angry Birds franchise, you earn experience points through completing missions and killing the infamous pigs. As you earn experience points you progress and earn new levels. Each time you level up, you earn new rewards.

Below is a list of the rewards we’ve received for leveling in Angry Birds Evolution so far.

Angry Birds Evolution Leveling Rewards Guide

Level 2 Rewards

  • First Scout

Level 3 Rewards

  • Second Scout

Level 4 Rewards

  • Third Scout

Level 5 Rewards

  • Team Battles

Level 6 Rewards

  • Timed Adventures

Level 7 Rewards

  • Player Duels

Level 8 Rewards

  • Hard Difficulty

Level 9 Rewards

  • Community Events

Level 10 Rewards

  • Quick Battles (Sim battles if strong enough)

Level 11 Rewards

  • Golden Pigs (Defeat them quick enough to earn tons of Gold)

Level 12 Rewards

  • Insane Difficulty

Level 13 Rewards

  • Boss Battles

Level 14 Rewards

  • Wave Battles

Level 15 Rewards

  • Gem Pigs (Defeat them quick enough to earn tons of Gems)

Level 16 Rewards

  • Mini-Dungeons

Level 17 Rewards

  • Free Gems – You can now find Free Gems around the hub area

Level 18 Rewards

  • Find More Golden Pigs

Level 19 Rewards

  • Unlock Epic Adventures

Level 20 Rewards

  • Unlock Capt’N Blacky pirate event

Level 21 Rewards

  • Find More Gems

Level 22 Rewards

  • More Gem Pigs

We’re updating this as we progress through the game so check back soon for updates.

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