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Angry Birds Evolution Shiny Birds Guide

Angry Birds Evolution Shiny Birds Guide
Angry Birds Evolution features a collection of unique and exciting mechanics, including shiny birds. This Angry Birds Evolution Shiny Birds Guide covers the basic mechanics of the Shiny birds in Angry Birds Evolution so you can level up fast, utilize the rare drops and build your squad.

The Shiny mechanic in Angry Birds is an exciting one. Everytime you find a bird, hatch one in the hatchery or find an egg, it has a chance to hatch a Shiny version of the bird. You can tell if a bird is shiny by examining its portrait. It will glimmer, check out the screenshot below for the exact appearance of a Shiny Bird in Angry Birds Evolution.

Shiny Birds

When examining the portrait of the Shiny Bird you can see the effect of the Shiny bonus below the Birds stats. There are various effects that can be applied to Shiny Birds. They can be worth more to sell, that can level up faster or provide extra experience points to birds when leveling.

You can also find Shiny Totems from missions or in eggs in the hatchery. These Shiny Totems actually make a bird a shiny so they are very valuable.

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