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Anna Guide: How To Enter The Sawmill

Anna Guide How To Enter The Sawmill
Anna is a survival adventure game like no other and developers Dreampainters waste no time in enthralling players with intricately difficult puzzles. This Anna Guide: How To Enter The Sawmill article will walk you through the very beginning of the game so that you’re able to leave the sun-kissed trees behind and enter the real darkness that is Anna.

Anna Guide: How To Enter The Sawmill

When you start your adventures in Anna you’re greeted with a picturesque Sawmill that appears impenetrable to the outside. You have to collect a few items from the outside before you’re able to enter. Solving a number of small, but quite challenging puzzles, straight from the start. Firstly you should collect the items you’ll need

# Item Location
1 Branch Over by the tree in the far corner as you start
2 Mirror Shard 1 In the small cupboard under the stairs. Use your knife on the string to open. Then set fire to the branch inside
3 Mirror Shard 2 Located in the stream, opposite end of the mill. Use the branch on the 2 big rocks to reveal the Mirror Shard under water
4 Filled Canteen Use your Canteen on the stream to fill it
5 Pinecone Hidden by the broken wall just past the cupboard under the stairs

Once you’ve gathered the above items you’ll need to use them to unlock the main door that’s located at the bottom of the stairs. Firstly you’ll want to use both the Mirror Shards with the eye shape above the door itself. You will then need to use the Pine cone as the center of the eye. Next up, set fire to the Pine Cone using your Lighter. This will set the door lock on fire as well. You’ll then be told you need to put it out. Use the filled water canteen on the Pine Cone to put out the flames and the door will open.

Well that’s it. It’s a pretty short guide but it took me almost 40 minutes to figure it out so I thought it may help some of you guys as well. Happy hunting.

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