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Anthem Reputation & Rewards Guide

Anthem Reputation & Rewards Guide
There are 3 different factions in Anthem, each offering different rewards for increasing their reputation. This Anthem Reputation & Rewards Guide will tell you everything you need to know about increasing your reputation and the variety of rewards you receive.

Each player can increase reputation with any of the three factions, Freelancers, Arcanists and Sentinels. Reputation is earned through completing missions and contracts for each faction, performing certain activities and collecting certain treasure chests and nodes. If you want more information on increasing reputation check out our Freelancer Reputation, Sentinel Reputation and Arcanist Reputation guides.

Each faction begins at level 0. As you earn more reputation with each faction, you can increase its level up to level 3. Each time you advance a level with a faction, you receive some rewards. These rewards include Blueprints. Currently, this is the only way to unlock large amounts of blueprints that let you increase the quality of equipment you can craft.

When you reach Reputation level 1 with a faction, you will unlock the Uncommon Blueprint variations for that faction. At level 2, you unlock rare blueprints, etc. This is how you unlock the ability to craft more items.

  • Arcanist Reputation rewards give you access to better gun blueprints and the Arcanist Store.
  • Freelancer Reputation rewards gives you access to ammo and Javelin Components
  • Sentinels Reputation rewards gives access to better gear blueprints

Anthem Reputation & Rewards Guide

Arcanist Reputation Rewards
Freelancer Reputation Rewards
Sentinel Reputation Rewards

We are updating this Anthem Reputation & Rewards Guide as we increase our reputation with each faction.

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