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Anthem Tomb Of The Legionnaires Challenges Guide

Anthem Tomb Of The Legionnaires Challenges Guide
Need to explore each of the different tombs for Tombs of the Legionnaires? This Anthem Tomb Of The Legionnaires Challenges Guide will list all of the different challenges you must complete before you are able to join and attempt to face the trials that lie ahead.

The Tombs of the Legionnaires is part of the main story of Anthem with a quest that asks you to complete the Challenges of the Legionnaires. These come in the form of four unique tombs scattered throughout Bastion. The tombs are marked on your map, however, each requires you to complete a specific list of challenges before you are deemed worthy and allowed to enter inside.

Below is a breakdown, on a tomb by tomb basis on what you need to do. Each screenshot shows the tomb and the challenges you must complete before a text breakdown below. Lastly, at the bottom of the article is a simple list of all of the challenges combined.

If you open the main menu, you can track your progress for each challenge in the Expeditions – Free Play section.

This is a list of each challenge by Tomb. If you are stuck on one in particular, check out our guide on how to complete all Legionnaires Challenges.

Anthem Tomb Of The Legionnaires Challenges Guide

Tomb & Trial Of Yvenia
Tomb & Trial Of Artina
Tomb & Trial Of Gawnes
Tomb & Trial Of Cariff

Tomb Of The Legionnaires Challenges

  • Multi-Kills – 3
  • Combo Triggers – 15
  • Gear Defeats – 30
  • Missions – 3
  • Legendary Defeats – 3
  • Ultimate Defeats – 50
  • Melee Defeats – 50
  • Elite Defeats – 9
  • World Events – 4
  • Weapon Defeats – 30
  • Weak Point Defeats – 15
  • Treasure Chests – 15
  • Harvests – 25
  • Javelins Repaired – 3
  • Collectibles – 10
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