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Saints Row IV Guide – A Pleasant Day Guide

Saints Row IV Guide - A Pleasant Day Guide

The third mission of Saints Row IV places you in an orderly town ripped from a 1950-era movie. By the time you’re done with A Pleasant Day, you’ll cause some mayhem, kill a sheriff, and nab yourself the Trophy/achievement There Is No Pancakes.” Let’s get started!

Go Downstairs to Kitchen/Go Outside/Grab Newspaper

Start the mission by going downstairs and eating some pancakes with R1. Press triangle to go outside and press R1 to grab the newspaper.

Get in Car

Hop in the Gunslinger (triangle) and take a ride to the waypoint on the map (northwest of your location). Use R2 to accelerate and L2 to brake.

Ride down main street, get your pic taken, and then get ready to escape.


Kenzie will tell you that you need to escape now. Drive away from the cops until the car disappears, then dispose of the group of cops. You can do this with the 9MM tactical, by walking up to one of them and pressing triangle, or by running them over with their own car.

Go to Park

Head to the fountain at the center of the park to pick up the J7 Rocket Launcher. You will then need to cause $100,000 in Mayhem — do this by blowing up everything in sight. More cops will arrive — feel free to use the rocket launcher on them as well. Each thing you destroy will show how much damage you’ve done, and a tally at the top-left corner will keep track of your progress.

Kill Sheriff

Your final part of the mission is to kill the Sheriff. Watch out for his high jumps — he will move from rooftops to the ground in a single hop. Use the J7 Rocket Launcher on him right when he lands — a few hits and he will be down.

Congrats — you’ve cleared A Pleasant Day and earned the Trophy/Achievement “There is No Pancakes!”

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