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Archeologist Trophy/Achievement For Dragon Age 2

Archeologist Trophy/Achievement For Dragon Age 2

I just got done finishing Dragon Age 2 and even though I thought I got everything I ended up missing this. The Archeologist trophy/achievement requires you to find The Enigma of Kirkwall(Which is a Codex entry) over 3 separate acts. Follow this guide to get the Archeologist trophy/achievement! Minor spoilers ahead you have been warned!

First off you only need 3 per year to get the Archeologist trophy/achievement so don’t fret if you miss one. I will list which area The Enigma of Kirkwall is in but you will have to search the area on your own.

Act 1(Before you go into the Deep Roads) – The Gallows, The Bone Pit, Viscount’s Keep and Lowtown(At night)

Act 2(After returning from the Deep Roads and having to talk with the Qunari) Darktown, Chantry, Gallows(Dissent quest area), and the Docks (Qunari compound)

Act 3( After dealing with the Qunari) All of these are found during quests. The Last Straw quest(docks), the Justice Quest line has 2 (For Anders) and Gamlen’s Greatest Treasure quest.

If you need to know how you are doing check your codex and see how many times it is signed by The Band of Three.

Well that finishes the Archeologist trophy/achievement hope you didn’t have to much trouble with it. Just be sure to get three per act and you will be fine.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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