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Are Guns In Dying Light 2

The original Dying Light game had shotguns, pistols, revolvers, SMGs, rifles, the lot but are guns in Dying Light 2? In a rather strange move developers opted to almost completely remove guns from the Dying Light 2: Stay Human experience with only a couple of exceptions.

Depending on how much you explore the story and side content of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, you may or may not be familiar with the justification for the lack of firearms. In the original Dying Light game guns were quite rare early in the campaign, becoming more and more common as you progress. That couldn’t be farther from Dying Light 2: Stay Human as guns are nearly completely void from the entire game, bar a couple of exceptions.

Are Guns In Dying Light 2

The primary exception is story-based. There is a character or two that managed to safely store a gun away and conserve some ammo but these are only seen fleetingly during the campaign. There is a single gun the player can get, called the Boomstick. It’s a two shot weapon that costs 100 Scrap to craft and breaks once it uses all its ammo, disappointing to say the least.

In the story it explains that the army used all of the cities ammunition long before Aiden arrived. The army confiscated all of the weapons and ammo from the civilians to help fight off the waves of infected attacking the city. As such, there are none left. You don’t find any guns when exploring and you are unable to make ammo or craft guns outside of the Boomstick.

  • Despite the prevalence of guns in the original Dying Light game, there are nearly no firearms in Dying Light 2
  • Some guns do appear during the campaign but these are storytelling tools and are not available to the player
  • We have only found a single gun that the player can craft and use
  • It’s called the Boomstick and breaks after use, and it’s expensive to craft
  • So to answer the question, technically, yes, there are guns in Dying Light 2

How do you feel about the change? Did you prefer the combat with the guns involved? Leave a comment below.

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