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Are There Best Jobs For Each Villager In LEGO Fortnite

In this guide, we answer the question of Are There Best Jobs For Each Villager In LEGO Fortnite. If you speak to Villagers you can get clues to their best jobs, which gives you more items when assigned.

Are There Best Jobs For Each Villager In LEGO Fortnite

We’ve done quite a bit of testing on this, and the answer is: Yes!

Things are based on your biome and and a number of different things. For example, one can get different villagers at the grasslands base than we do at the ice base or desert base. If you want to get the most different types of villagers, you should have multiple bases.

Make sure to speak to them. For instance, if you speak to Skye, she often talks about treasure. You’ll have to cycle through some of the conversation, but you’ll come to learn that she’s in the treasure hunting business.

In this case, the villager Skye is good at gem gathering. In order to unlock the gem gathering job, you’ll need up upgrade your LEGO Fortnite village hub. As you get higher and higher in levels, you can see that you can send them out on different kinds of jobs. You unlock more job at a higher level.

See below as a point of reference:

If the villagers are talking about treasure, it means that you should send them out to do gem hunting. If they’re talking about exploring and combat, bring the villagers along as companions. Beef Boss in particular goes ham on cooking (pardon the pun), cooking up top-tier foods. Hayseed can be used as a farmer as well – keep an eye out if they’re talking about seeds, crops, growing things, or farming.

It’s a system that pays to pay attention to! Put simply, there Are Best Jobs For Each Villager In LEGO Fortnite.

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