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Where To Find Armorite Ore Digger Lady Location Guide

Armorite Ore Digger Lady Location Guide
A new NPC with a shovel helps you dig up the valuable Armorite Ore. This Where To Find Armorite Ore Digger Lady Location Guide where to find the ore digger lady, with details on each of the locations we have discovered her to spawn in. There are a lot of locations so we’re continuing to work through this with updates as we find her more and more.

Armorite Ore is incredibly valuable as you can exchange it with Digger Pa for tons of Watts. You can also swap them with an NPC in the dojo for special Pokemon moves but due to the huge amount of potential Watts you can obtain, most of your Armorite Ore will be going to Digger Pa, especially considering how expensive the Dojo upgrades become. There are quite a lot of spawn locations so memorizing them will be difficult but eventually, you’ll be able to swing between the spawns no problem.

The draw distance on the Switch is, well, utter garbage. So you will not be able to see her until you are close. Try to look out for the shovel sticking out of the ground, that appears visibly some distance before the actual NPC does.

Where To Find Armorite Ore Digger Lady Location Guide

We’ve since made an Armorite Ore farming guide, check out the video for more

Dark Tower Location #1
Dark Tower Spawn #1
Before going up the final stairs to the Dark Tower, search the path that leads off to the right. She is sometimes found at the end, near the rock.

Dark Tower Location #2
Dark Tower Spawn #2
Before starting to climb the stairs near the Dark Tower, look down to the left. At the end of this small passage.

Potbottom Desert Location #1
Potbottom Desert Spawn #1
As you enter Potbottom Desert from the cave, she can spawn in the far left corner

Warp Up Cave Location #1
Warp Up Cave Spawn #1
In the cave on the way to the Potbottom Desert, up the small path that goes to the left as you pass through the cave.

Courageous Cave Location #1
Courageous Cave Location #1
Enter the cave via the water. There is a bridge next to the Diglett guy that asks you to find NPC’s. Follow the stream into the cave and there’s a small gap on the right with a den. She spawns there.

Brawlers Cave Location #1
Brawlers Cave Location #1
Head into Brawler’s Cave and go up the first ramp. You’ll see a huge pillar. She can sometimes spawn here.

Fields Of Honor Location #1
Digger Ma Dojo Pokemon Isle Of Armor
Head up the path to the right of the Dojo to find Digger Ma near the tree.

Forest Of Focus Location #1
Forest Of Focus Location #1
Right after you enter the Forest of Focus from the South entrance, by the bridge.

Loop Lagoon Location #1
Loop Lagoon Location #1
In the lagoon on the beach near the cliff side.

Challenge Beach (Tower Of Waters) Location #1
Challenge Beach (Tower Of Waters) Location #1
Traveling away from the tower of waters follow the beach to the large patch of grass. On the other side of the grass is a small passageway that leads to the river. She’s standing there.

Workout Sea Location #1
Workout Sea Spawn #1
There is an island at this location (where the red arrow is). It’s the new Ditto Den. She can be found standing near one of the trees on that island.

Workout Sea Location #2
Workout Sea Digger Ma Pokemon Isle Of Armor
There is a tiny beach across from the island with the Galarian Twig Girl, Digger Ma spawns there from time to time. The tiny beach is in the South West corner of the Workout Sea, you’ll see a very small beach on the map, just South of the Lagoon.

Insular Sea Location #1
Insular Sea Location #1
South West of Honey Comb island. There’s a large-ish island with some grass and a single tree.

Honeycalm Sea Location #1
Honeycalm Sea Location #1
Directly East of Honeycomb Island. There’s a tiny beach and a small path that leads to a dead end. You can find her there.

Stepping-Stone Sea Location #1
Stepping-Stone Sea Location #1
South West of the Tower of Water there is an island with two trees. On the far side of the island is a tiny bit of beach where she can spawn.

As you can see, there is a lot of places she can appear. We will continue to update this Armorite Ore Digger Lady Location Guide as we discover more locations.

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