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Art Midterm & Final Answers In Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet

Art is one of the many subjects in Naranja Academy that has two tests and exams. This guide on Art Midterm & Final Answers In Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet will give you all the information you need to get a perfect 5/5 score with a complete list of all the questions in both tests and all of the correct answers.

Art Midterm Answers In Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet

Question: What is the name of the gemstone that glows over a Pokemon’s head when it Terastallizes?
Answer: A) Tera Jewel

Question: When the answer to question 1 is the shape of flowers, what type does it represent?
Answer: A) The Grass type

Question: What shape are most snowflakes classified as?
Answer: B) Hexagon

Question: Where is the eatery that allows you to change Tera Type?
Answer: C) Medali

Question: What makes something beautiful?
Answer: D) There’s no correct answer

Art Final Answers In Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet

Question: What is the name of the restaurant where you can change a Pokemon’s Tera Type?
Answer: B) The Treasure Eatery

Question: What is the name of Brassius’s signature art installation that we discussed in class?
Answer: C) Surrendering Sunflora

Question: How many waterfalls are counted among the Ten Sights of Paldea?
Answer: A) Two C) Four

Question: Where can you find the Million Volt Skyline?
Answer: B) Levincia

Question: The marks a Pokemon has are present when you first meet and none can be added later
Answer: B) False

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