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Saints Row IV Guide – Asha Loyalty Mission Guide

Saints Row IV Guide - Asha Loyalty Mission Guide
Want Asha Odekar to be your Super Homie in Saints Row IV? Follow Gamers Heroes’ guide for the Asha Loyalty Mission and you can add this spy to your crew.

Asha’s Loyalty Mission “Loyalty – Training Day” will be available once you free her in the story mode. Go to the Quests Menu to begin.

Help Out Asha

Head over to the northern part of Steelport – Yearwood to meet Asha. Follow the VIP Tammy Tolliver and take down the first threat. While you do not have any superpowers, melee takedowns (R3) work wonders in this section.

Go to Second Stop

Head over to Steelport – Salander and head to building across the street. Climb the fire escape to the roof, grab the McManus 2020, and stand guard. Wait for the snipers to appear on the rooftops and take them down. The sights turn red when you have a clear shot, so use that indicator to take the threat down easily.

Go to Third Stop

Head over to the center of Steelport – Ashwood. Get to cover behind the armored truck and stand guard against the waves of enemies. Try and take down as many as you can with a heavy weapon (Dubstep Gun) and wait for the rescue vehicle to show up. Once the helicopter shows up, take it down with the Dubstep Gun from a distance.

Go to Final Stop

Drive over to the northwestern part of Ashwood with the VIP and Asha. Your final task is to defeat Professor Genki and his army of mascots. Try and melee him whenever he gets close, and fire away if he gets too far away.

When he is down to 50% health, he will turn into Super Genki and have a shield. Thankfully, you will have your superpowers back. Freeze him to break his shield and stop him in his tracks and melee him. If done correctly, you can keep freezing and meleeing him without him making a move.

Once he’s defeated, the Loyalty Mission will have been completed and Asha Odekar is now your Super Homie. Congratulations!

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