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Assassin’s Creed 3 Guide: Homestead Guide

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In sequence 5 of Assassin’s Creed 3 you unlock the Davenport Homestead. Like the other AC games you build this place up and it earns you money and new equipment. This time around you need to do side quests to make the area progress. Let’s start the quests!

Davenport Homestead Quests

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AC-3-ConnorWhenever there is someone to talk to in your Homestead you should see them. Sometimes they give you trophies for your manor.

Davenport Homestead Quest 1
This one is actually a main quest. You need to chase a guy down the river and save him. In order to avoid getting wet you need to cross to the right side of the river and at the end follow the log all the way out. Once at the end you can save him without getting wet.

Davenport Homestead Quest 2
After you save the guy lumber guys check your map to see another quest close by. Select it on your map and head towards the marker. Once you make it to the giant cliff you will have to climb the trees in order to jump up onto the cliff. Do so and keep going up. On top there is a man hanging by a string. Kill the enemies up top and save the man and he will go toy our town.

Davenport Homestead Quest 3
Silent Hunter – After getting the second power supply as Desmond you will come back to Connor. Once on the Homestead look at your map for the quest icon. Go meet the wounded woman and bring her back to Achilles. After that you need to kill the poachers.

Head to the objective marker and you will see three targets to kill. They want you to use the rope dart for this so give it a try. For the first target just throw it and hold the button on the guy.

While you are in a tree use the dart on the next target then drop off the tree to hang him.

Lastly sneak up on the last guy in and pull him towards you and kill him with your blade.

Two more poachers will appear and you need to finish them as well. Jump up into the trees and get above them. Take out the one from behind with the rope dart and then take out the other one how you want. Once they are dead head to the next marker. Head back to the manor and Myriam joins your town.

Davenport Homestead Quest Burglary in the Homestead
This one is pretty simple. Just chase down the guy until you can shoot him with your pistol.

Davenport Homestead Quest 5 Prudince’s Primrose
This one can be gotten after doing the first Frontier homestead quest. Bascially you have to search in the green grid for clues. They will shine white on the floor and when you interact with them the circle gets smaller. After you find 3 clues you will have to save Prudince. Run up to the bear and do the button prompt to kill it. Be sure to skin the bear before you leave.

Davenport Homestead Quest 6 White Trophy
This one can be gotten after doing the first Boston Homestead quest. This quest starts with you tracking a cougar. Go up into the trees or else you won’t be able to find the clues. One you get the three clues you will have to chase him to the mine.

Once he is in my the mine you have to enter and lure him out. Go in and be ready for a button you need to push to dodge. Myriam will take the shot and you will beat the quest.

Davenport Homestead Quest 7 Room at the Inn
This one is pretty simple. You have to get the NPC 1000$ and you beat the quest. I sold a bunch of furs in Boston and had way more than enough.

Davenport Homestead Quest 8 Norris goes Courting
Speak to Norris and he will ask you to help him in courting Myriam. First task is to go to Prudence and speak to her. Ride over to her house and do so. Thanks to ACbinger

Now you need to find Wild Flowers. Head to the green dot on your map. Be careful on your way up to the mountain side because three wolves attacked me(Thanks to ACbinger I was ready for them and killed them quickly with no problems). Keep running and climb up the rock wall. At the top another wolf will try to get you so be ready.

From there you will have to scale another rock wall. Just keep going towards the green dot. If you get stuck and can’t go up left or right try down on the direction stick to see if you need to lower yourself a bit. At the end you will get your flowers. Also behind the flower is a trinket so grab it while you are up there.

Do a leap of faith off the cliff and run back to Norris. You will have to talk to him through the outhouse door. After that you get a cut scene and the quest ends.

If you cannot get Norris out of the outhouse try to reload your game(Thanks to ACbinger).

Davenport Homestead Quest 9 Bowls Beginner
The object of the game is to throw your balls closer to the red ball then they can. If you have multiple closer then they do you get more points. You can hit there balls out of the way but they can also hit yours. You can also move the red ball by hitting it. I lost but I still beat the quest. Thanks to ACbinger

Davenport Homestead Quest 10 Happy Expectations
Prudince and her husband are going to have a baby. Problem is we have no doctor and there isn’t one for miles. Fast travel to the harbor master and use it to get to Boston. Once there look on the map and to the south for the Homestead icon. Head there and talk to the man. Thanks to ACbinger

He will tell you the doctor is around the corner and in trouble. Head around the corner and get ready for a fist fight. I’m not sure if fists are required but they automatically came out for me. Win the fight and the doctor joins your town.

Davenport Homestead Quest 11 Pig Herder
After you get the doctor go back and talk to Prudince. She wants you get the pigs back into the pen. Walk behind the pigs and lead them to the entrance. Once they look like they are about walk right past it run in front of them and cut them off. If you do that they can really only go one direction and that is into the pen.

Davenport Homestead Quest 12 Norris Tries Again
Basically you need to go find out what Myriam really wants. Head to her camp and avoid being seen by her. Once she is sitting at the camp fire go behind her and check out the clue. Connor finds a broken knife and now you head back to Norris. Thanks to ACbinger

Davenport Homestead Quest 13 Raw Materials
Speak to Norris again and he will ask you to meet him at a English mine. Go there and speak with Norris again. Basically you have to defend him from three waves of troops. As ACbinger pointed out you can use explosive barrels to help even the odds. Thanks ACbringer

For me the first wave came down the middle. Right when most of them got near the barrel I shot it and then finished off the rest with my tomahawk.

The second wave also came down the middle. I did the same thing except they all died.

The third wave came down the left and I killed them all with the barrel as well. After the third wave dies you beat the quest.

Davenport Homestead Quest 14 Finding His Flock
Head to the inn at the homestead. Inside you will meet a minister and if you pay him 1000$ for the church he will join your homestead.

Davenport Homestead Quest 15 Tools of the Trade
Head to the wood worker and he will ask you to help him retrieve his tools from his shop in Boston. Head to Boston and up at the second topmost Harbor master you will see the Homestead icon.

Follow the shop keeper to his shop to find out it has been sold. From there go meet up with the shop owner’s apprentice and find out that he is hiding the tools. Tail him without being seen then grab the tools when he walks away from them.

Davenport Homestead Quest 16 Silk Errand
Head to the tailor and she will ask you to retrieve some silk from her house in New York. Once you get to New York look for the green circle on the map. Mark it and head over to that spot. Once there you will have to check the crate on the ground for clues. Then you can grab the bolt of the floor. Bring it back to the tailor and you will have beat the quest.

Davenport Homestead Quest 17 Get me a Doctor!
Head to the homestead mission near the manor. The baby is finally coming and you need to go get the doctor. Stay on the road and go to the marker for the doc. After that you need to get her husband. Keep on the road and get Warren as well. From there head back to Prudence.

Davenport Homestead Quest 18 the Proper Tools
The blacksmith will want you to go into New York and buy him some new tools from the general store. They are 50$ in all. In order to find the general store just head to the bottom harbor master. From there sync up with the nearest view point and the shop will appear on the map. Bring them back to the blacksmith.

Davenport Homestead Quest 19 Fool me Once!
Go with Norris to see Myriam. She is going off hunting and you are going to help. First task is to kill three wolves. Do the quick time events and then you will get the next part. From there head up to the canopy and check the area.

You will see Myriam is under attack. Run along the trees towards her and the man will start to run off. Chase him down and shoot him. Then the quest is over.

Davenport Homestead Quest 20 The Final Straw
Go to the quest marker in the center of town. Follow the group up the hill and fight off the thugs. I had to chain kill all of them in order to have enough time to stop the main guy. Once you take out all the thugs go behind the guy and the door and bring him down as well.

Davenport Homestead Quest 21 The Wedding
Go to the quest icon and Norris will inform you he is getting married to Myriam. After the cut scene you will have to follow the priest for a bit until the next day starts.

Once the day of the wedding tarts go talk to Norris. He will ask you to help him find Myriam. Head upstairs in the manor and search the flowers on the floor. Then check the broken mirror. After that a green dot will appear on the map.

Head to the green dot and climb up the canopy to find Myriam. She will run and you have to chase. After you catch her Connor will walk her down the aisle and she will marry Norris.

Davenport Homestead Quest 22 Slander
Once you get this quest head to Boston. Check the map for the Homestead icon and head there to really start the quest. All you have to do is find the little kids handing out the news papers and bribe them. They are always in the green circle.

Once you bribe all of them use your eagle vision to find the overseer. Once you spot him either beat him up or steal from him to beat the quest.

Davenport Homestead Quest 23 An eye for Trouble
Walk up to Dave and talk to him about the scout he has at gun point. Another one will appear and start to run. Chase him down and kill him. Return to Dave to complete this quest.

Davenport Homestead Quest 24 The Comeback
Talk to Dave again to start this quest. The redcoats are going to try and kill Dave. You and the town are going to help protect him. There are two waves and three explosive barrels. Put a barrel at the bottom of the hill and wait for the British to come. Once they are near the barrel blow it up and finish anyone who isn’t killed by the blast. Do the same to the second wave and you will win.

Davenport Homestead Quest 25 Thousand Pound Idea
Head to the tailor and he will ask you to go to New York for him and retrieve a package. Head to New York and mark the icon on your map. The guy you meet with will point out three targets you need to kill. Kill each of them and loot them. Head back to the Tailor. Turns out he wants to invent the folding chair.

Davenport Homestead Quest 26 Manor Mysteries
Talk to Achilles and he will want you to get a painting for him in New York. Head to the burnt part of New York for this quest. Basically you nee dot climb a burnt building and check the wall for the package. Once retrieved bring it back to Achilles to end the quest.

Davenport Homestead Quest 27 Wait Times
Head over to the harbor in the homestead and you will see the mission icon. First thing you need to do is run and get Diana. Run her back to the doc and the next part will open. You need to interact with five downed sailors. Once you do that talk to the doc again to beat the quest.

Davenport Homestead Quest 27 Legacy
Head to the manor and find Achilles on a chair. After the cut scene you need to go see the reverend. Once you talk to him you will have to start digging. Dig the hole until you get to the next cut scene.

Davenport Homestead Quest 28 Achilles’ Painting
Head to the manor and then to the painting on the floor. Connor places the picture on the wall and you beat the quest.

Frontier Homestead Quests

Ac 3 Rooftop[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’]

Frontier Homestead Quest 1 Abused
If you take the boat to the frontier you will be close to this one. Mark it on your map and walk up to see some redcoats beating on some people. Kill the redcoats and they join your homestead.

Frontier Homestead Quest 2 Deserter
Place your marker on the quest icon on the Frontier map. Head over there and see some redcoats beating on a guy. Take out the redcoats until one picks up the guy and threatens to shoot him. Just pull the trigger and you will kill the redcoat and the guy ill join your Homestead as a blacksmith. Thanks to ACbinger

Boston Homestead Quests

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Boston Homestead Quest 1 Brawling
Head into Boston and look at your map. Travel next to the Homestead marker. Here you will see some soldiers hitting a guy. Take out all the soldiers and you will get a miner.

New York Homestead Quests

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] New York Homestead Quest 1 – Cutting Ties – When you enter New York look on your map for the Homestead Icon. Head to it and a girl will ask you for help with her mother. Follow the girl to her mother and beat the man there down. After that you will get a tailor.

That will end the Assassin’s Creed 3 Homestead quest guide. Check back soon for more updates as we progress through the game! Big shout-out to ACbinger for his continued support and feedback. You sir are the definition of hero.

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  1. Nice, It should help. However do you know how to complete the book from Achilles? I focus on a lumberjack and it only gave me one point, but when I focused on a farmer I received all 3.

    1. as far as i know trickz, that mission isn’t necessarily required, it’s just somethin to work on, like collecting the almanac pages.

      why is the mod deleting my shit.

    2. To Trickz, you can complete the Encyclopedia by focusing on a guy when he is doing different actions. You only have to focus on three actions though, and some guys have five or six

  2. as soon as you finish myriam’s homestead quest to capture the cougar after you recruit norris, you should be asked by “the old man” to get explosives from norris, and retrieve an item from a sealed cave for him.

    after this mission, norris wanted to court myriam, and asked me to find a nice gift for her. you get sent on over to prudence, who tells you to climb up a mountain to get some flowers, because that’s what she would like to receive. on the way to the cliff you’ll be ambushed by wolves. pick the flowers and you’ll be told to return to norris. this is where i’m currently stuck at, it seems norris is scared shitless and is spending an ETERNITY in the outhouse. i can’t find a way to get him out, so any help would be appreciated 🙂 it’s what i came here for in the first place.

    1. to follow up on that post, it’s quite possible this is a bug. there’s no interaction i can make with the door to have him come out, yet there’s still a marker indicating norris is inside the outhouse. i’m gonna try leaving to the frontier and coming back (if it’ll even let me) and i’ll also try talking to myriam herself. if that doesnt work i suppose i’ll try exiting the animus, or damn even reloading the game :/ s’alright though, had to expect bugs with a game like this. props to ubisoft, this is a masterpiece ;_;

      1. an edit tab would sure be nice here 🙂

        just to confirm, i reloaded the last checkpoint and i did indeed get an interaction command on that outhouse, so problem solved. since this website doesnt require any signing up, i’ll continue to post what i can about these homestead missions for everybody 🙂

        1. I had the exact same thing, Norris was s(h)itting in the outhouse nothing I could do about it. So I read your post and reloading the last checkpoint worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip!

  3. after completing norris’ courting mission, 2 new missions appeared. i’m tackling the lumberjack mission right now.

    it appears it’s just a minigame. unfortunately i didn’t pay attention to the directions and i’m getting hammered right now. i suggest everybody listen to what these two have to say, otherwise they’ll dominate you.

    it appears the next mission available is for the farmers. sounds like they’ve finally conceived. awwwwww

    we need to find them a doctor. perhaps this doctor would like to settle on our homestead? 🙂 it’s off to boston we go. speak to the doctor’s apprentice standing by a building, he’ll tell you the doctor’s drunk. walk around the corner, and you’ll see he’s gotten himself into a bit of a situation. beat everybody up (don’t kill) and after a short conversation you’ll have recruited him.

  4. so i thought i’d check in real quick. i’ve done a few more. after getting the doctor for the farmers, norris let me know that myriam hated the flowers we got for her. he asked me to scout out her camp to find out what she might like. run over to the camp, walk behind the tent, and she’ll eventually walk off to the perimeter of her camp, that’ll give you the opportunity to examine a clue on the ground, a broken knife.

    report that back to norris, and he’ll ask for your help again, this time outside of the homestead. you need to go to a mine owned by the british, which he will mine iron out of, while you defend against regulars which will come in 3 waves. it’s pretty easy, nothing we can’t handle, especially if you use the barrels of tnt.

    after you complete this homestead mission another mission will pop up just south of the entrance to the homestead, so fast travel to that, and head to the map marker. you’ll see a bunch of british surrounding a man on the ground. take them out, down to the last one, who will then grab the man and hold him hostage. i don’t know if there’s any timing associated with this, but the game will prompt you to press triangle/b to shoot, which will kill the officer. i tried to time it when the hostages head was out of the way, just incase. after they’re all dispatched, the man will introduce himself as a deserter, and a smith. lucky for us eh?

    i’ve been looking at crafting a lot, it’s really complex. it looks like we’ll still need to recruit a tailor, as she’s one of the artisans we’re missing when i try and craft clothes. may want to make a seperate guide on that, for recipes and such. it’s pretty in depth.

  5. so ive been trying to do the homestead missions, but after the silent hunter, no more pop up for either new artisans or to upgrade the three i already have. do i need to do all the view points in the frontier to find more?

  6. My problem is with recruiting Dr. White for the Homestead.

    When I do the mission to save him from disgruntled people(while he’s drunk), no matter what I do, they all just stand there and do nothing. Dr. White AND the people that are supposed to beat him up.

    I tried reloading, going in and out of the Animus, exiting the Memory and starting it up again, quitting to the menu and trying again, but no dice.

    Dunno why this is happening.

    1. Had the Dr. White issue as well and figured out if u target them and walk behind them u can choke them out like an unarmed assassination. It complete’s the mission.

  7. I am at sequence 8 and i can only use the wood cutter (lvl 1) for work none of the other artisans are even showing up in the book even though i have done many of their homestead missions for them. Can i change this or do i have to start the entire game again? please reply!

  8. i beleive these can be done at your leisure because i did not do them in the same sequence as other people have noted. however all the homestead upgrades seem to come in the same order. lumber jacks first followed by the second unlock etc. however they arent locked into any specific sequence apart from the starter quest.

  9. Guys I need help, I completed the sequences of the game, and now none of the Homestead missions appear anywhere, do I have to go back to other sequences?

    1. I think they need to be done sequence by sequence. For instance you need to save the farmer couple in order for them to get pregnant. From there in a different sequence you will unlcok the doctor. And inevitably the doc will ask you do something.

  10. I can’t seem to get past the fight between the two lumberjacks. I’ve done it at least a hundred times, and still no luck. The closest I get is right near the end but it slides through every time. I may be doing it wrong, anyone got any advice?

    1. Very annoying one. You need to keep your bar right behind the two brothers bars. Basically you need to go slow and one side at a time. Kind of like a real fight push on brother back a bit then push the other back a bit. Keep the brothers bar green and you stay right behind it. Eventually you will push both off each other and win.

  11. They markers for where the people are on my homestead doesnt show
    so i essentially cant find them, unless there is a homestead mission symbol
    is that normal??

  12. iv just got the smith so iv done alot of home stead missions he said he need something from NY but thiers no marker for the mission in NY

    1. Hey I’m having the same problem. The blacksmith asked to get his tools but I go to NY and there is nothing there… I need to know if I just need to wait on an updated or if my game is just stupid or not.. Any help will be appreciated!

  13. The only problem I’m having is with leveling this people up. I have all the artisians but can’t get them to go higher than level one. If I missed something in a past sequence is there even a way to go back and do them or am I just screwed?


    The blacksmith is in the homestead, he’s the southern most house, just north of the two fast travel frontier icons. If you need lots of moneys, go to the frontier and fast travel to homestead davenport, when your game loads look at thr map (you should still be in the frontier), turn around and go to the nearest lake, its just down a hill. Once you get there, there are 2 bears you can kill and skin, i got 1500 per bear pelt when i shipped them to saint-augustine. The best bit is these bears respawn everytime you fast travel to the homestead icon

  15. Davenport Homestead Quest – Manor Mysteries

    I’m on Sequence 11, and just got on a Homestead Quest while at the Davenport Homestead. I’ve just aqcuired the Inn, and a quest marker popped up, leading me to speak to Achilles.

    He’s asked me to go fetch a chest from a cave in the homestead, first I need to speak to Norris to get some explosives.

    After following Norris to the cave entrance, shoot the explosive barrel and head inside the cave. Make your way towards the quest marker until you get to the chest.

    Once you’ve picked the lock, escape from the cave before it collapses. This is very straighforward, the time limit is barely an issue. If you find your path blocked by debris, find an alternate path.

    Once out of the cave, return to Achilles at the manor, and he’ll reveal the contents of the chest, which are the robes of the first Assassin to come to the colonies. This outfit does not appear to have unlocked for use by Connor, so I am yet to determine the full outcome of this quest.

  16. Davenport Homestead – Proper Tools

    After getting the Blacksmith, start this mission at the Davenport Homestead. He requires you to head to New York and find the proper tools for him to work with.

    Return the tools and the quest is done.

    Go to a General Store in New York and purchase the Ebony Hammer Handle and the Hardened Steel Hammer Head. (They are very cheap.)

    Davenport Homestead – Finding His Flock

    Found at the Inn at the Homestead. A very simple quest, just give £1000 to Father Timothy and let him build his Church.

    (Note: After raising the Church I received the achievement for settling all optional characters at the Homestead.)

    Davenport Homestead – Tools of the Trade

    A quest for the craftsman who requests you guard him in Boston whilst he retrieves his old work tools.

    Go to Boston and accompany Lance to his store. Next, go and speak with Patrick. Now you must discreetly follow Patrick. Once you’ve reached the destination, loot the chest and recover the tools.

    Davenport Homestead – Silk Errand

    The tailor request you retrieve some of her materials from New York. Once you reach the destination in New York, analyse the clue on the other side of the fence and then grab the silk. Once that’s done, return to Ellen at the Homestead.

    Davenport Homestead – Get Me a Doctor!

    Prudence is in labour and requests you run and fetch the Doctor. You have a time limit of 3 minutes. Ride to the Doctor and he’ll follow you. On the way back, take a short detour to get Warren and then head back to Prudence.

    On my game Warren did not get his horse and ended up falling behind. I don’t know if this is a glitch, but players should be wary of getting too far ahead.

    Davenport Homestead – Fool Me Once …

    A mission for Norris that has you accompany him to give Myriam her new knife.

    When you arrive at Myriam’s, she requests Connor’s aid in hunting for furs. Run to the marker and kill the wolves, then run to the next marker in the tree. Race to Myriam’s aid as she is attacked by the poacher. Chase the thug down and kill him. Mission complete.

  17. Davenport Homestead – The Final Straw

    Found near Ellen’s house, it appears Ellen’s husband has turned up with some friends and is attempting to break into the house.

    Race up to the house with the gang and prevent them from getting inside.

    I found this very easy, make sure to take out the man at the door first.

    Davenport Homestead – The Wedding

    Myriam and Norris have gotten engaged. You are to help with the preparations for the wedding. First, accompany Father Timothy to the inn.

    Jump forward a few days and you must enter the Manor and speak with Norris. He tasks you with finding Myriam. (Always a good sign on your wedding day when you can’t find the bride.) Head upstairs and interact with the clues.

    Head outside and go to the marker to find Myriam in a perch. Chase her down (she’s pretty quick) and you are done.

    Speak with the wedding guest at the reception, and then watch the ensuing cutscene.

    Davenport Homestead – Slander

    Dr. White is being slandered in the press. Connor offers to put a stop to the defamation, and so the quest begins.

    Head to Boston to find the Courier. Once there, head to the target, who then sends you to find the newspaper vendors. Bribe the vendors until you’re tasked with finding the overseer. Activate Eagle Vision until you find your target, then either beat him up or pick his pocket. I chose the latter. Mission done.

    Davenport Homestead – An Eye for Trouble.

    Big Dave has caught a redcoat scout on the property, who swears he is alone. His mate choose to make his presence known and tries to flee. You must chase him down and gut him like a fish.

    Once dealt with, return to Big Dave to find that the other scout has escaped. Mission done for now. . .

    Davenport Homestead – The Comeback

    The Redcoats are coming for Dave, and obviously we’re not going to let that happen. Follow Dave to the kegs and then position the gunpowder kegs in preparation for the British assault. Place the first keg in the middle of the path and wait for the enemy to come forward before firing. I elminated the whole squad with one barrel. Rinse and repeat for the second squad and this mission is done.

    Davenport Homestead – Thousand Pound Idea

    Lance has ordered a package from France that hasn’t arrive. We must head to New York and see about finding it. A perfect job for the skills of a master Assassin.

    Head to the marker in New York and speak to the postmaster. Now go to each marker and find Lance’s plans. Take out the men one by one and loot their corpses for the plans. Once done, head back to Lance.

    Davenport Homestead – Manor Mysteries PT 2

    Speak with Achilles in the Manor for this quest. He require you to go to New York and pick up a painting for him. Very straightforward. Go to the marker in NY, climb the building and interact with the wall. Head back to Achilles and you’re done.

    I believe these are all the Homestead Quest up until Sequence 11. I’ll update if I find more.

  18. The final 3 quests are all at the Davenport Homestead.

    Wait Times – Speak to the Doctor at the dock and he asks for help attending to the sick. Go and fetch Diana to help him, then interact with the wounded men around the dock to finish the quest.

    Legacy – Achilles has passed away. Connor must go see the Priest to arrange the funeral. This is very easy. Press X to dig, and you’re done.

    Achilles’ Painting – Hang Achilles’ in the house.

    I think that’s all of the Homestead quests.

  19. Okay, I have not been able to find a solution for this problem I’ve been having.. I’m currently on sequence 9 and I recently finished the homestead mission manor mysteries pt2 and all corresponding missions and no other missions will appear, is this issue a bug or am I missing something? Do I have to complete encyclopedia of a common man?

  20. I’ve seen this problem here, but i haven’t seen a solution yet:
    I’ve completed all sequences and got all people in my homestead, I’ve done a mission for each one but now i can’t interact with them.. I see the icons but and they talk to me like regular npc’s. Any idea what image doing wrong?

    1. The wait time mission should be right by the boat in the davenport homestead. Check by the cabins by the boat. Grab Dian after talking to the doctor who is next to the man laying on a wooden table. Hope this helps!

  21. Lumberjack action for enciclopedia. I have spent many days to follows the Lumberjack to see if play or read newspaer for completing the side quest to register enciclopedia but this guys do not make this action. Im in sequence 11. Please help. it is a bug of PC VErsion?

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