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Assassins Creed 3 Guide: Hunting Challenge 1 Guide

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After you gain access to Connor you eventually have to head into the Frontier. Once you do that you will be approached by a hunter and he will give you the challenge and ask you to head to a hunting lodge. This guide will help you burn through the first challenge. Let’s get started!

Hunting Challenge 1

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AC 3 Hunting

These can be done in multiple ways but this is how I did them and I got them done pretty quick. Don’t forget to skin your prey since in the long run it will equal good money.

Check the hunting locations on your map to get more detailed info on each region. If you have killed an animal in a region it will show it on your hunting map.

Hunting Challenge 1 – Kill 5 Deer – Very basic you just need to kill 5 deer. They can be found all over the Frontier and in your homestead. I went to the Kanien:keh area of the Frontier, way up north. There is a fast travel in your tribe village so you can get up there quick.

Literally as I walked out of the village 4 deer appeared. At the point I only needed 1 more so I just went into a bush and used bait to lure one in. From there I killed it and skinned it to finish the challenge.

Kill a wolf – This is is also really easy. As you travel you will encounter wolves and to kill them in melee you will have to do the button prompt. I traveled to my port in the homestead. From there instead of going towards the manor I went south to a secluded part of the map. Every time I go there I meet two or three wolves. Kill them to complete this part.

Skin 10 animals – Very basic just skin all the animals until you get 10. Then skin some more!

Trade hunting spoils worth 500 – Also another easy one. Head into Boston and go to the general store. From there sell your pelts and whatever else you got from hunting until you make 500. Sell more if you want. I sold enough to afford a war club.

Use bait with a snare to capture an animals – While at the general store be sure to stock up on bait and traps. From there go to the frontier or the Homestead. I went to the Monmouth region in the Frontier. Here there are foxes, racoons and rabbits. Basically when you see one of these animals put a trap down and bait it. From there hide in a tree or in some bush. Eventually one or multiple animals will come and one will get trapped. Do this 5 times and you beat the challenge.

Kill a bear with the hidden blade – This one is the most tricky of the challenges so far. You will have to hunt a bear down and kill it with melee. This means you get the button prompt correctly when you are face to face with the bear. I got this one by accident during a homestead mission called Prudince’s Primrose. She attracts a bear and you need to kill it to save her. Just run up on the bear and the button prompts will start.

That will end the Assassin’s Creed Hunting Challenge 1 guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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  1. Please help! AC3 won’t let me complete hunting challenge 1 bait with a snare. No matter how many times I do it, it doesn’t count towards the challenge. I got 2 when I first unlocked the challenge and now it won’t let me

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