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Assassin’s Creed 3 Guide: One-Man Wolf Pack Guide

Now that you have acquired your wolf powers, from The Infamy DLC, it is time to find your Indian brothers and tell the clan mother what you have learned. This of course is delayed as Teiowi:sonte has been captured by blue coats. This guide will help you 100% the sequence with no trouble at all! So let’s get started.

One-Man Wolf Pack Guide

Assassins Creed 3: The Infamy Guide: One-Man Wolf Pack Guide

The main objective of the mission is to help find Teiowe:sonte. Once you make it to the area where you need to search for clues it gets a bit tricky.

The first spot you need to check is the dead Indian slave that is sitting against a large tree stump, which is right outside the frozen lake.

The second clue you will need to check out is a fir pit, which is at the end of the frozen lake and just off it.

The third clue is a bow and it is up near two dead soldiers and a dead horse. The road forks and if you take the fork you can get the bow at the start of the road.

The last clue is up that road to the slave cart, check the cart and you will get a cut scene.

The objective will change and you will now need to find Teiowe:sonte and you also get a secondary objective, kill two blue coats with one arrow. Keep going up the path and wait until the blue coats are in a line and fire an arrow into the back of one to get both in one shot. Once you get to the objective marker you get to test your new powers on the blue coats and you get another cut scene.

Right after the cut scene be ready for that guy to start running, the bonus objective is to use your wolf pack to kill him so activate them and chase him down. Head over to the next objective and kill the firing squad before they can shoot the captured Indians. Using the wolf pack at this part will help you out and the best method for taking out the big guys is to disarm them first.

After you clear them out you can save Teiowe and the mission is complete.

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