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Assassin’s Creed 3 Guide: Placing The Power Sources

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While you are Desmond you will be asked to the place the various power sources you get throughout the game go. There are three in all that you get from the in between sequences. This guide will help you find out where to place them when you get them!

Power Source Placement


Placing Power SourcesI waited until I beat the game to place the power sources. You can do them as as go as well.After you get the first core you will be right next to the Animus. From there go forward until you see the steps on the left. Head up those steps and then up the next set of steps you see. Once you make it to the top you will see the floor missing to the next set of steps.Look on the left and run against the wall to jump up. Follow the railing until you reach another wall. Jump up this wall then climb up the beam and run across and jump to the next beam. Look right and you can see what looks like a cave. Jump to that and keep going until you get the cut scene. After that you can place the power source.

Once you get the second power source head back to the animus. Look right and take that path until you see a doorway on the right. Go through that doorway and keep heading up. After the cut scene go all the way up and head out the doorway.There will be steps on the right that lead down. Go down the steps then go left and drop down another level. Keep going until you see the open door on the right. Go inside and climb the wall and go into the hole at the top. Climb the next wall and go into the second hole.Once you make it to the top you will see the lady and the place for the power core. Go over there and Desmond will place it.After you get the third and final power source head towards the giant glowing door. As you go keep looking right and you will come across so steps that have dropped since you put the second power core in.Head up the steps and keep following the route around.

Once you go up the next set of steps you will get a cut scene. After the cut scene head up the large pillar. Jump across to the gap and Desmond will grab the ledge. Keep going left until you can drop down in the hallway.Follow the hallway around and jump off the ledge onto the poles. Use the two poles to jump to the next wall. Climb up the wall and once at the top go right. You will get another cut scene.After the cut scene jump the gap to the next wall. Keep going right along the wall until you can drop off in another hallway. From there go until you see the interior changes from yellow rock to grey rock. Look along the grey rock ledge for the glowing green spot.

Go up to it and Desmond will place the last power source. Now you can go open the big door!That will end the Assassin’s Creed 3 Placing the Power Sources Guide.

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