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Assassin’s Creed 3 Guide: Public Execution Guide

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Public Execution is the mission where Connor is to be hanged for his crimes. You of course have to escape and after that you need to protect the general. This guide will help you beat the mission and get all the side objectives as well! Let’s go!

Assassinating Hickey

AC-3-Washington First off you have a few cut scenes. Watch or skip your call.Once you gain control of Connor keep walking forward. Keep going forward and you will pass by Washington. As you get close to the neck tie a cut scene will happen. You will get punched and Achilles will come and tell you that you are not alone. The next cut scene has you going up the steps and being hanged. Once you are hanged press the button on screen to be saved. After that Achilles gives you a tomahawk and the mission gets harder.We have to assassinate Hickey, keep Washington’s body guards alive and kill 2 militia men. It is actually kind of tricky and might take you a few tries. If you accidentally kill Hickey try to restart the check point until you get the side objectives.Right when Hickey starts running you need to chase after him. The trick to catching up to him is to avoid the crowd. They scatter in a bunch of different directions but you can get through the holes easily. Skip the enemy militia for now.Right before Hickey gets to Washington you should be almost in front of him and you can strike him with you axe. Once you hit him with the axe he will be focused on you and you can go back down the steps and kill two militia. After you kill the militia finish off Hickey and you will have beat the mission. Good job.That will end the Assassin’s Creed 3 Public Execution Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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