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Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Guide: Overrun And Outnumbered Guide

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Guide: Overrun And Outnumbered Guide
For this mission, you will get the blow gun and two kinds of darts, sleeping dart ans berserk darts. The sleeping darts will put your enemies to sleep and the berserk darts will make the enemy fight each other. You will need to free 14 prisoners for this mission, you can also put 8 guards to sleep and makes 2 go berserk for the bonus objectives.

Overrun and Outnumbered

Drop down from the ledge then go to where James is at near a tree. The first hing you will want to do it take out the sniper above so he can’t spot you while you are moving around. Go down a bit and enter the tower from underneath and go out the back. Climb up the tower and take out the guard with your blade. Down below, you have two sets of prisoners and 4 guards in the area. Use a berserk dart on two of the guards to make them take each other out, last one standing can be assassinated or put to sleep. If you put him to sleep be sure to knock him out so you don’t have to worry about him again.

Free the two prisoners directly below, then head back to the tower for another prisoner. Back behind the tower you can see a prisoner on the map guarded by a single guard. Kill him or put him to sleep and free that prisoner. Head back out to where you freed the two hostages and head to the next nearest one, he is up the stairs. Down below that, you can see two more guys at gun point, berserk dart 2 of the guys and wait for there to only be one left. Free the two assassins down below and they will give you some darts.

Go to the sync point and jump off because the rest of the prisoners are down below. Start at the top and work your way down to all the prisoners. The top prisoner has two guards around him, but only one will see you. Use the sleep dart, knock the guy out, then free the prisoner. The next set is protected by a few guys and there is a sniper in a tower who is watching everything. He needs to be dealt with before he becomes a problem to use a berserk dart on him to get him out of the way. Now you can go free the assassins down below, watch out for the paroling guard and deal with him when you can.

After that head to the sniper tower and free the guy up there. While you are up here you can see another sniper tower with a guard on top. Do NOT use a berserk dart on him because he will kill the prisoners. Put him to sleep, and sneak over and put him down. Take out the guards around the prisoners near the second sniper tower then free the prisoners down below. Head back to the first sniper tower and go over to the next set of prisoners. There are three guards here so use two berserk darts then you take whoever is left. With this method, you should have enough for the mission to be over with.

That will end the Assassins Creed Black Flag Overrun and Outnumbered Guide, check back soon for more!

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