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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents Guide

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ainigmata Ostrakas Guide
Sometimes in AC Odyssey you find special documents with clues to treasure. This Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents Guide will tell you where each of the different Ainigmata Ostrakas clues take you, where to find the treasure and what’s inside.

Ainigmata Ostrakas are usually document items that you can find at certain points of interest scattered throughout the game world. When you collect a Ainigmata Ostrakas from an area, it is considered complete however, that is not the end of this treasure trail. If you check the Documents section of your Inventory, it’s in your Browse Bag, you will find a list of Documents you’ve discovered. Each of this is a clue to a hidden treasure located somewhere in the world.

Almost all of the Ainigmata Ostrakas rewards are the same. You receive some Drachmae, usually some Crafting Materials and Special Engravings. If more notable rewards are discovered, they will be included in the information below.

Below is a list of the different Ainigmata Ostrakas document clues we’ve discovered, alongside the location of the treasure.

Kephallonia Islands Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Ashes to Ashes
Bottomless Lake
Fatal Attraction

Megaris Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Happy Hour
Hound Docked
Record Sunshine

Phokis Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

A Specific General
A Finger Tip
Pressed For Time

Malis Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Heart & Sole

Attika Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Backstage Pass
War Eagle
Odor In The Court
Elbow Greece
Killer View
Goats Gruff

Pirate Islands Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Smoke Signal
Pride of Place

Silver Islands Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Grave Discovery
Needle In A Haystack

Argolis Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

The Floor Is Lava
Two Of Clubs

Korinthia Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Stone Cold

Obsidian Islands Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Upon Tythons Crown

Pirate Islands Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Blue Eye Beauty

Naxos Island Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Stubborn Mule

Lakonia Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Rightful King
Mapping Out

Kythera Island Ainigmata Ostrakas Documents

Made In Abyss

We are adding more puzzles and solutions as we find them.

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