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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Choices And Consequences Guide

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Choices And Consequences Guide
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is full of choices that will have good or bad consequences. How will you know which choice to make when it comes to a real hard choice? Check out our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey choices and consequences guide for help with the hard decisions.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Choices And Consequences Guide

Release Or Kill Cyclops Thugs
Make Duris Pay Or Leave Him Alone
Horse Choice
In The Footsteps Of Gods
Hungry Gods
The Blood Fever
A Small Odyssey
Do You Have A Boat?
Phoibe Choice
Markos Hug Or Shake
A Pirates Life
The Missing Map
Kill Or Spare The Wolf Of Sparta
The Wolfs Fate
The Oracle Of Delphi
Family Dinner
Pythia Interrogation
Left For Dead
Cultist Meeting
Sibling Choice
A Friend In Need
Escape From Athens
A Venomous Encounter
Perikles Symposium Part 1
Oil And Love
Drink UP
Perikles Symposium Part 2
Citizenship Test
On A High Horse
A Lifes Worth
Island Of Misfortune
First Do No Harm
The Doctor Will See You Now
A Heart For A Head
Enough Is Enough
Written In Stone
Ashes To Ashes
Port Of Lawlessness
Follow The Boat
To Help A Girl
Monger Down
The Arkalochori Axe
Minotaur Choice
Abandoned By The Gods
Athens Last Hope
Death And Disorder
Death And Disorder
A God Among Men
Ancient Revelations
Home Sweet Home
The Kings Of Sparta
The Kings Of Sparta
Kill Stentor Or Spare Him
Kill Mercenary
To Kill Or Not To Kill
Diona Choice
Kill Or Spare Lagos
Making The Oil
The Contender
The Long Game
The Bloody Feast(Spartan Kings Choice)
Help You Sibling Or Leave Them To Their Fate
Unearthing The Truth
The Knights
We Will Rise
Sibling End Choice
Trouble In Paradise
Paint The Sand Red
The Last Cultist Choice

Do Choices Matter In AC Odyssey?

Many games today, especially those released recently in 2024, offer an illusion of choice for the player. Conversational and dialogue options that look to branch into differing outcomes but in reality, offer nothing more than a change of dialogue as a response. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and many of Ubisoft’s more recent Assassin’s Creeds game, is the total opposite. The choices you make can have profound consequences, both immediately and over the duration of the game.

Do Choices In AC Odyssey Alter The Story?

Massively so, some characters can live, some can die, the ending can change depending on the choices you make during the game. It’s always a good idea to save frequently so if a choice has an immediate outcome that is undesirable, it’s only ever a quick load to fix the problem.

What’s The Best Assassin’s Creed Games

Assassin’s Creed really started to come into its own once Assassin’s Creed Black Flag released. Since then we’ve had the opportunity to explore Egypt, England, Ireland, its been a crazy ride. Most often, when discussed with passionate fans, AC Black Flag is given the top spot but for us, AC Odyssey is probably the best in the franchise.

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