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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Side Quest Guide

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Side Quest Guide
Side Quests play an important role in AC Odyssey with various choices, challenges and rewards. This Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Side Quest Guide will tell you everything you need to know about the new Side Quests including region, rewards and any choices and consequences involved.

You unlock Side Quests very early in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. They are marked by ! icons on your map and compass. Once they are available, they are easily found just by looking at your map. Below is a list of all the Side Quests in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey that we’ve discovered, listed by region and including details on rewards and choices.

There are a lot of choices in side quests but the vast majority of them have little to no impact. For those with more impactful decisions, check out our AC Odyssey choices and consequences guide.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Side Quest Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’Kephallonia Islands’]

In The Footsteps Of Gods
Suggested level 2. Talk to the woman at the temple in the city. She wants you to find a spear in a cave, the cave is here on the map.

Melissani Cave Assassins Creed Odyssey

You will have to dive into the cave and have to swim some. The chest at the start has loot but not the spear. Get out of the water and go through the second tunnel to find the spear. Return to the woman at the temple and either turn the spear or or tell her you didn’t find it to keep it.

Hungry Gods
This one is found at a cave outside the city on the island. Head into the cave and behind the statue you will find a bandit camp. Clear them out and then return to the statue for a choice. Ignore the woman to leave her to her fate or answer her prayer to pay her and get some bonus EXP.

Shark The Vagrant
Suggested level 5. Speak with Shark at the Cursed Valley of Pali. Head to the ruins, take out the sharks from range, loot the treasure.

The Blood Fever
Suggested level 4. Speak with Phoibe at the Vineyard. Head to the Village of Kausos. If you speak with the priest you can let them deal with it, which means they kill the civilians. Phoibe is happy if you save the villagers as she makes a new friend. However, later in the story if you do decided to let the sick villagers live, the entire island contracts the disease.

A Ship Came Sailing
Suggest level 5. On the Pronmoi Peninsula in the South East. Speak with Davos. Break into the camp, free his brother and escort him to safety. There is a chest near the prisoner, if you loot it, it’s the reward but they do notice you stole it.

A Small Odyssey
Inside Odysseus’s Palace on the island to the North East. Free Odessa from the cage and escort her to safety. She will ask you to help her through the ruins. Escort her through, take her to her boat.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Megaris’]

Portion Control
South East of the Blacksmith. Speak with Dolios the Scout. Gather the clues and let Dolios know. Use the bird to find the trail into a nearby cave. You will be greeted by a group of civilians. There are two choices here.

If you let them explain themselves you can eventually spare their lives and return the stolen goods to Dolios. Or you can choose to slaughter them.

A Dangerous Path
This is from the Message Board in Pagai. You need to travel North West to Phokis and speak with the lady there. Then wipe out the bears.

Lying On Your Resume
This is a timed Side Quest from a woman near the shore West of Pagai. Head out to sea and take down 5 pirate vessels, the ones with the black flags.

Besieging Bandits
You can find this inside one of the Treasure Chests in the Fort Geraneia. Complete the camp objectives to complete the mission. These are BANDIT CAMPS only, not the others. It’s marked by the white flame and sword icons. Has to be a bandit camp, complete 5.

A Family Ordeal
Speak with Odessa, South East of Megara. You must have completed A Small Odyssey. Grab a few herbs from the nearby wreck and then buy the item from the merchant. Pay the 50 Drachmae. When you return, clear out the bandits.

The True Story
Speak with Odessa at her home again, you must have completed Family Ordeal. Head to the house and search it all for clues. When you return you can finish the romance with her. Then you have to make a choice:

You’re a victim – If you choose this option, Odessa is pleased and will join your crew.

The Leader Is Right – If you make this choice Odessa gets upset and will not romance with you again. She also refuses to join your crew. She does not appear to admit any guilt

Love Letter Blood Letter
Just outside of Megara to the North.

Outlaws of The Marsh
This is a timed quest. Speak with the woman just North of the Blacksmith in Megara. Give her 50 Drachmae to complete the quest.

Killing Virture
You obtain this side quest from the Message Board in Megara. Speak with the Philosopher. Speak with the Commander to complete the quest.

Injured On The Job
In Pagai by the dock. He asks you for 50 Drachmae for his son, I gave it to him. This is an impact quest.

Another Wolf Another Day
Must have completed Injured On The Job. In the center of Pagai. Must have completed Outlaws of The Marsh and completed the first Conquest Battle. If you tell her you deserve the statue, she will eventually join your crew, otherwise she will not. Defeat the wolves, it’s a large pack so be prepared and return to the artist.

The Age Of Reason
On the West side of Magara near the Temple of Megara. A woman asks you to deliver a note. Deliver it to complete the quest.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Phokis’]

A Pirates Life
As you pass this island Barnabas will talk about a beast nearby. There’s a shipwreck on the side of the island, speak with the carpenter before heading South East to another small island and freeing his brother. When you free him there are two choices.

If you pick “You’ll pull through”, he dies anyway. If you lie to his brother when you return, he will not join your crew.

You can find this on the east side of Kirrha on the beach. Talk to the woman and she will say her crew has gone missing. Head to the way point and use Ikoros to find the treasures below the sea. Collect them and take out the nearby camp after that. Return to the quest giver to complete the quest. You can have her join your crew if you want, she is a blue lieutenant.

A Dangerous Path – This is a daily from the message board in town. Go talk to the woman for the quest and you can pick what you want to kill. Pick either and kill all the enemies to complete the quest.

The Sting Of Mania
This is a time quest from the Sanctuary of Delphi. Deliver the item to complete the quest.

Photios’s Pre-Tirement
You can get this side quest on the East side of the Sanctuary of Delphi. If you tell him you do it for free, you will get additional rewards. Speak with Photios. Head to the cave, kill the priests then move on to Desphina Fort. Find the sapphires to complete the quest.

Age Is Just A Number
This side quest can be found on the Northern edge of the Sanctuary of Delphi. A rather pleasure-driven older lady needs some help gathering ingredients. Head to Grand Mount Parnassos, you need to kill a deer and a bear. There’s tons of deer around, especially far to the East of the mountain. For bears, make sure its night time and search the same area. Use Ikaros to find them easier.

Blessed Cloth
This is available from the Message Board in the Sanctuary of Delphi. Head to the location and speak with the Doctor. Deliver the item to complete the quest.

A Stolen Offering
There is a bandit camp at the “T” in Grand Mount Parnassos. I wiped it out and received this quest. Return to the priestess to complete it. The quest giver is just South of the Grand Mount Parnassos peak.

Cave Crusader
This can be found inside a chest at the Korykian Cave in Phokis. South West of the Sanctuary of Delphi. You need to find and complete all objectives for 20 different caves.

Birth Complications
This is from the Message Board in the Sanctuary of Delphi.

The Daughters Of Artemis
Speak with Daphnae near the Temple of Artemis. Tell her you’re a mercenary. She will ask you to kill a Legendary Creature nearby, it’s a boar. Very tough. I was lucky enough to get attacked by two mercenaries while doing it, do they helped a lot. It’s vital to have fire attacks, either with bow or sword. Work him down and a group of smaller boar will attack, rinse and repeat.

Boar Video Guide

Nemean Lion Video Guide

Kretan Bull Video Guide

Secrets And Lies
North West of the Sacred Lands of Apollo. Deliver the item to the camp.

Thieving From Athenians
I got this killing a bandit on the road just outside Erochos Military Camp. Head into Pharsalos Fort to steal the chest.

Asking Too Many Questions
From the Message Board in Lalaia. Speak with the Philosopher. He will get attacked and you must protect him.

Left For Dead
After you complete the Serpent’s Lair main story quest. At the Kastalian Fountain East of the Sanctuary of Delphi. I chose to sympathize with his loss. Head to the camp, kill the bandits and return.

Helping A Healer
After the “Cult” meeting. At the Chora of Delphi. Speak with Lykaon. Head to the nearby stream, kill the wolves and take 5 Mandrake Herbs then return. You’ll need to deliver some herbs and then return to Lykaon.

Sins Of The Past
Direct follow on from Helping A Healer. Investigate the house. Speak with the helper outside, search inside the the brazier on the outside.

The Unkindest Cut
Direct follow on from Sins Of The Past. Head to the farm, kill the bandits and escort Praxithea to safety.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Lokris’] Family Values
This quest is found in Opous at the man in the cage. He wants you to get his sword and shield back. Get the herbs for the blacksmith and he will give you the sword. Bring it back to Supideo to complete the quest.

This is a follow up quest to Family Values. This time the man in the cage wants you to get his shield. Bandits near red lake have the shield. Go to their camp, take them out, and grab the shield. Return to the man to complete the quest.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Attika’]

For The People
Speak with Kleon after the mob cinematic when you first reach Athens. You’ll need to clear a bunch of camps to the West of Athens. One of the enemies has a letter on them, once claimed you can return to complete the quest.

He Who Stops
After you complete For The People, return to Kleon to get this quest. Head to the quarry and you’ll find the messenger hanging off a wooden structure in the middle.

The Liberator
After you complete He Who Stops. Free the remaining prisoners and carry the injured one to safety. Carry him to his ship, clear out the enemies, free the prisoners and then board your boat to destroy the Spartan vessel. You can either board and kill all the Spartans first or use the Adrestia.

Creating Opportunity
Next to the Fast Travel point in the center of Greater Athens. Speak with Demosthenes. You need to defeat 3 Spartan Polemarchs which are located at Spartan Forts.

A Friend In Need
Inside the village at the Abandoned Farmlands, far to the North East of Athens. Go to the nearby Spartan stronghold and retrieve the sword. When you return it you learn that he actually sold the sword, it wasn’t stolen.

Heitor’s Gonna Hate
A follow on from A Friend In Need. Go and rescue Heitor’s friend and escort him to the boat. I chose to avoid Heitor and the merc fighting, convinced them to leave it be.

Citizenship Test
This is available late in the story after the party with Socrates and friends. It’s in the North West of Athens. Speak to the guy, head to the objective, interact with the ledger. Done.

Witness Him
A direct follow on from Citizenship Test. Speak with Alkibiades again and then track down the witness. Choose to pay him the 200 to finish this quest off easily.

On A High Horse
Speak with Socrates at the Port of Piraeus after complete Alkibiades quests. He will ask you to speak to a horse thief, he will flee when you arrive. Chase him down and speak with him. You learn the thief stole the horse as his died and he had no way to replace it. I decided he should return the horse

A Lifes Worth
You must have completed On A High Horse. It’s on the Silver Mountains, South East of Athens. Speak with the slave and then talk to the Master. After you agree to help The Master, Sokrates shows up. Speak with him then return to the master. I killed him instantly.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Pephka’]

They Just Want Cruelty
You obtain this quest through an item you receive after killing your first mercenary. You must travel way to the far South East of the map and speak with Maion. Then travel to speak with Skoura. You then need to defeat all 5 enemies in the arena.

Bravely Ran Away
In the center of Lato. Tell the man he’s a hero and that he should lie to his village. Then grab the items he requests. Return once the objectives are completed.

Minotaur De Force
Northern edge of Lato. Speak with the man and offer to kill his “Minotaur”. You have to face a series of petty tasks, you can pay to avoid some of them.

The Grand Minotaur
North West of Lato, by the dock. Take the kids tour, speaking to him along the way. I offered to pay at the end.

Cashing In On The Cow
Follow on from Minotaur De Force.

What Lies Below The Surface
After Cashing In On The Cow. Follow the men to the cave. Head into the end of the cave to complete the quest. This is also a way to get a clue for a cultist.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Pirate Islands’] You must have completed the main story mission here so that the pirates are no longer hostile to you.

Red In The Wreckage
In the port of Pirate’s Revenge. Speak to the two civilians and then head South to Lestris. Grab all the chests by the wreckage and under the sea.

We’re Not Thieves
In the port of Pirate’s Revenge. Speak with Obelia to learn of a missing treasure. Go to the Leaders House, steal the directions and return them to Obelia’s Associate.

We’re Treasure Hunters
A follow on from We’re Not Thieves. Head to the shipwreck to the South of the island and use the key to open one of the treasure chests. Obelia will arrive on her pirate ship. Speak with her to complete the quest.

Recruitment Drive
In the port of Pirate’s Revenge. Make sure to put The Colors of Keos on your ship. Then go out to sea and destroy 2 Spartan Ships, 2 Athenian Ships and 2 Pirate Ships. Return to complete the quest. You get to keep the ship cosmetic.

Lost And Found
On the island of Lestris. There is a man getting harassed by a group of soldiers. Take them out and speak with Gotarzes. Take him back to Xenia

Making Friends
This can be found on the Southern Pirate Island, Seripho’s. Head to the nearby Lagoon and grab pearls then get the shiny stones from the cave. It’s better to tell her the truth at the end.

Heart Of Stone
This can be found on the Southern Pirate Island, Seripho’s, on the South Coast of the island. Speak with the group outside the cave. Go to the cove to get the wine and then grab the mushrooms.

Grieving Widow Be
You will be asked to kill a mercenary on the island. If you have already killed the Cultist on the nearby island, this will automatically fail.

Birds Of A Feather
North at Pirate’s Revenge. Speak with Xenia. This is a hunt for treasure. Check out our Birds of a Feather guide for the solution.

Sacred Vows
After you complete Birds of a Feather. This is another treasure hunting quest. Check out our Sacred Vows guide for the solution.

She Who Controls The Sea
Must have completed Sacred Vows. Speak with Xenia again for another treasure hunt. Check out our She Who Controls The Sea guide for the solution.

Throw The Dice
This is a follow on from She Who Controls The Sea. Check out our Throw the Dice quest for a guide on the treasure hunt.

Priceless Treasure
After Throw the Dice. You need to find a coffer in a small room. It’s in the same room as one of the chests, East side of the fortress, upper level.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Argolis’]

Trouble Follows
Just North of the Blacksmith in Argos. I defeated an elite and it gave me a quest to hand in.

Death Comes For Us All
After the story cinematic where you save the baby. You can find this quest just East of town. Speak with the lady praying on the bridge. Head into the woods to find the body.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Korinthia’]

Follow That Boat
This is part of the main story. You follow one of the ladies to the dock, board the boat to save the prisoner. You can either return her to Korinth against her will or let her free. I chose the latter, her friends seem satisfied.

To Help A Girl
Another quest here part of the main story. Speak with Phoibe in Korinth. Ask her to help then head into the building. First response is the Pig Farm, getting a deed to some land, I got the name wrong. I chose the middle one. Head into the house and complete the investigation.

Port Of Lawlessness
This is another quest here that’s part of the same story. Make sure to free the prisoners before setting fire to all the supplies. Head to the barn to destroy all the supplies. There are some important choices at the end of this side quest, be sure to check out our choices and consequences guide.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Naxos Island’]

The Writings On The Wall
At the docks on Naxos Island. You need to investigate clues surrounding the graffiti in the area. Look for small groups of people in the immediate vicinity, that’s how you locate the graffiti. Once you reach the cave head inside, just before reaching the bear there’s a very small crack in the cave wall behind some vines. Squeeze through.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Messara’]

Myths And Minotaurs
You can find these quest at Knossos Palace. Follow the boy down to the entrance to learn it’s locked.

Of Minotaurs And Men
You need to track down 3 people. The Swordfish, The Collector and Ardos’s Caretaker. There’s a lot of sub quests involved but they are all simple, just chasing down objective points.

The Lost Arkalochori Axe
At the Temple of Poseidon in Octopus Bay. There is a bandit hideout to the East inside a cave. You can find the axe on a table at the back of the cave.

Catch And Release
At the Fishermans area in Octopus Bay. You need to head North to the island of Anaphi. When you approach you will see a group of pirates attacking the fisherman. You need to escort him back. He is already aboard your ship so you can just fast travel back to hand in the quest.

Flowers For The Dead
Just West of Knossos’s Palace. You need to head West to the peak of the Zeus’s Playground area and pick some flowers.

Fang For Your Buck
In Gortyn. You need to obtain a Lion Fang, Lynx Fang and Shark Tooth. Sharks are easily found throughout the oceans, especially at shipwreck and underwater ruin areas. Lynx and Lions can be found in the wilds surrounding Athens.

Gortyn Out Of Hand
In Gortyn. Meditate until night time and then head to the Leaders House and kill the visiting Herald. Then kill the nearby leader. You get a piece of Theasus’ armor set.

Revenge Served Cold
North West corner of Gortyn. Head West to Zeus’s Playground and head into some of the caves. You can find followers of Ares there.

It’s Complicated
In Zeus’s Playground. Grab the quest and head Southwest to the Fertile Battleground and save the man from the guards then head North West to town.

Bare It All
In Zeus’s Playground. Free the captive and slay the wolves before heading to the cave. Clear out the cave to complete the quest. You get a piece of Theasus’ armor set.

Say That Again
Kydonia in Little Egypt.

Civil Unrest
West of Kydonia in Little Egypt. Speak with the trader. Clear all the commotion and then kill the captain.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Melos’]

Call To Arms
On the North coast of Melos Island. You can choose to do training or pay 4500, if you pay it is added to the coin purse for the winner.

Great Contender
Complete Call To Arms first. Finish all the contestants.

Legend No More
After Great Contender, defeat your final opponent.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Volcanic Islands’]

A Family’s Legacy
You receive this quest from Myrrine during the story, you cannot miss it. You need to solve the mirror & light puzzle.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Kythera Island’]

A God Among Men
North West of Pilgrim Hill. Rescue Empedokles to launch a series of side quests that rewards you with an ancient relic for Atlantis

I, Diona
South East of Pilgrim Hill. Speak with Diona at the shrine. Escort her back to the shrine in town, killing the bandits along the way.

All Bonds Will Break
Must have completed I, Diona first. Speak to the harbor master before freeing the captives in Skandeia Bay. Once they are free, return to the harbor master. They can die so try to clear the camp completely first.

Atoll Order
Must have completed All Bonds Will Break first. Head to the island South of Kythera and take out the Captain.

Pick Your Poison
Must have completed I, Diona first. Head to the Mycenaean Ruins to retrieve the vials of poison.

The Handmaiden’s Story
Must have completed I, Diona first. Find the maiden, retrieve the note and return to the temple.

Left To Dye
You must complete The Handmaiden’s Story. Head to the bay at the West side of the island. There’s a man in a purple robe in the area. Use Ikaros to identify him then take him out.

Stairway To The Olympos
After you complete Left to Dye.

Idiot Hunt
In Skandeia Harbor. You’ll find the man in a cave to the North West. Carry him back to town. Don’t forget, you can use Phobos to carry a person. Simply put the man on your shoulder and interact with the back of the horse.

Purple Pain
West coast of Aphrodite’s Watch. Head to the warehouse and find the three clues. They are all inside the warehouse. Accuse the leader of killing the son.

Takes Drachmae To Make Drachmae
This popped up near Aphrodite’s Watch after I had completed all the other side quests on the island. Buy the tablet then head to the island. Fight off the ambush and then return to the merchant. He flees when you complete the quest. I killed him, felt good but was probably unnecessary

In A Rush
After completing all the tasks for Diona. Return to her

By The Fates
After completing In A Rush. Head to the priestess to proceed. Fight off the ambush. At the end you have a choice, the one on the right is Diona.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Lakonia’]

In Sparta. You need to kill 3 Athenian Polemarchs and obtain their seals. Look for forts and strongholds in Athenian controlled territory.

Training Days
North West of Sparta. Escort the boy to the training camp, making sure he doesn’t die.

Brothers In Arms
Must complete Training Days. Speak with the trainer at the Agoge Camp North. Head to the area, search for the clues and track down Theoros. Send him back and tell him to be brave. Then return to the mother.

A Treasury Of Legends
North East in Sparta. You need to tell the story of Perseus to some children. If you want to know all the answers, check out our Treasury of Legends guide.

Not My Mothers Daughter
North West in Sparta. You need to train a Spartan woman. It’s a simple quest, just objective markers.

A Godless Blight
Follow the road South out of Sparta. Speak with the help, retrieve the mint, destroy the blighted part of the field with your torch.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Kos’]

Business Opportunity
On the South East coast of the island. You need to rescue Markos from the fort and carry him to safety.

Old Friends, New Problems
Speak with Markos after Business Opportunity. Take the wine to Cerberus. Tell him it’s Rich Wine.

Farm In Flames
Destroy the grain silos nearby. Must have completed Markos’ previous quests. Save Markos from Cerberus’s thugs.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chios’]

Artemis’s Request
After you defeat all legendary creatures and return the pelts to Daphnae. You will then have the option to start this quest. You can either kill her to take command of the Daughters of Artemis, leave, or tell her you love her and have to kill her anyway.

Caged And Enraged
South West area of the town of Chios. There’s a woman being held hostage by the guards, take them out and free her. After she’s freed, follow her and speak with her. There’s some animals trapped in nearby camps, free them.

Hostage Situation
Center of Chios. Speak with the farmer lady and then head South to the farm.

Chip On Your Shoulder
East side of Chios, at the docks. You need to kill the leader of the area.

Clothes Make The Daughter
Northern edge of Chios island, by the dock. Head to the nearby Daughters of Artemis caves and camp to loot the gear. Very easy if you have already killed all legendary creatures as they won’t attack you.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Lesbos’]

Romancing The Stone Garden
In Eresos on Lesbos. Speak with Bryce who is surrounded by a mob. Clear the mob and then speak with Bryce in the temple. Escort her to the Dread Ruins.

Loves Long Shadow
Follow on from Romancing The Stone Garden. Speak with Bryce at the Dread Ruins. Follow her again.

Waiting For Galarnos
In Eresos on Lesbos. Speak to the man near the Blacksmith, and offer to help find his friend. Head to the North West of the Petrified Temple. There’s a couple of investigation points then head to the East to the cliffs. Free Galarnos and escort him to safety.

Son Of A Fisherman
In Eresos on Lesbos. Speak to the fisherman near the pier. Head to the bay to the East and search under the water near the boat.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Silver Islands’]

Goddess Of The Hunt
Center of the Eastern island, you must have completed Trouble in Paradise. Speak with Kyra and head to the hunting ground.

“M” Is For Murder
In Mykonos City. Speak with the beggar before searching the nearby house for clues. Then speak to Kyra. I chose to tell her privately.

Chain Of Possession
I received a letter from a corpse after defeating enemies attacking the rebel hideout. Simply loot the chest to complete the quest.

A Night To Remember
In Mykonos City. Barnabas will ask you to bid farewell to the people of the island. If you chose to side with Kyra and romanced her, you will have to kill the other Spartan leader that helped.

The Sokratic Method
In Sanctuary Of Apollo on Delos. Speak with Sokrates and he will ask you, eventually, to free a captured rebel. You can choose to kill the rebel at the end but Sokrates will not be happy with your choice.

Grin And Bear It
East of the Sanctuary of Apollo on Delos. Talk with Iola and she will ask you to kill a beast. It’s at the very Northern edge of the island. After you kill the bear, search the ship for two clues and return.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Ship Quests’]

Hull Ahoy
Barnabas will give you this randomly when you’re aboard your ship. You need to upgrade your ramming ability.

Trouble In Paradise
Barnabas gives this to you aboard your ship when you meet Xenia on Keos Island. You must travel to Mykonos. There’s a small series of side quests that follow that reveal the identity of a Cultist. I would highly advise that you complete side quests on the Silver Island BEFORE continuing with Trouble in Paradise. If you decide to romance and choose Kyra’s plan, you will have to kill the other Spartan.

[/accordion_item] [/accordion]

We are updating this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Side Quest Guide as we progress through the game.

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