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Assassins Creed Origins Hippodrome Guide

Assassins Creed Origins Hippodrome Guide
Want to win all the Hippodrome races? This Assassins Creed Origins Hippodrome Guide has everything you need to know including general tips for victory, a walkthrough of each race and details on the rewards you receive for participating and hopefully, winning.

Assassins Creed Origins Hippodrome Guide – General Tips

Master The Left Turn
Being a race in the Hippodrome, there’s only one turn. A left turn. Mastering the corners is the majority battle for victory. Avoid using your speed boost around corners and practice tapping the drift button once, maybe twice per turn. Taking the turns tight will often allow you to get ahead of opponents. Also be on the look out for ramming opportunities as you cut up the inside of the bend.

Play Dirty
Learn how to operate the ramming controls. If you are behind the target and their silhouette is lit up, hold the ram button. You can often ram them from full to zero health in a single ram if you are close enough. Be sure to ram sideways whenever anyone tries to over take you as this will slow them down a little.

Conserve Stamina
This is key. Don’t waste your stamina getting ahead in first. Use it on the straights and in small bursts. If another rider is on your rear, a stamina boost is the only thing you can do to stop him tearing your cart apart.

Assassins Creed Origins Hippodrome Guide – Race Walkthrough

Nike’s Winged Victory – Race 1
This is a very simple race. You don’t need to worry too much about ramming the other riders as they are quite passive. Just learn to take the corners well and conserve your stamina for when you need to catch up or overtake. There’s a catch up type effect so don’t waste it all trying to stay ahead.

Reward: 100 Drachmas

Ramesses’ Divine Justice – Race 2
This one is also relatively easy. The other riders still aren’t very aggressive. There’s thinner black terrain here, meaning there’s more sand that will slow you down. Watch out for the large pillars placed on the track, always stick to the left side if possible. The final race is a total of 4 laps and has additional traps on the course. Use the busted cars to ram your opponents out of the race. The wooden scaffolding does not knock you off in one, but it does hurt.

Reward: 100 Drachmas

Sol Indiges’ Cursus Magnus – Race 3
Welcome to the big leagues. A grander looking arena, more spectators and a rather vibrant looking course. This one is much of the same, although the other riders are more aggressive and there are lot of large, one hit kill, obstacles on the track. Be careful to avoid the center areas with the sand. The second race is 4 laps and the visibility is awful so try and use the first race to memorize the course as best as possible. The final race is much clearer but the crowd begin to throw fire bombs onto the track. Avoid them if possible as they do quite a lot of damage over time.

Reward: 100 Drachmas

Darius’ Great Battle – Race 4
The toughest tournament race the game has to offer. The first race is 4 laps, there are fire bombs thrown onto the track and several areas of constant fire. Other than that, it’s an easy race. The second race is also 4 laps and has the same fire areas but with rotating turrets that spew fire in one direction and then the next. Prioritize placement over health, even if you hit 3-4 you should be fine. Final race is the same but with 5 laps. Health is a little more important here but again, you can afford to hit a lot of fire before you come off your chariot.

Reward: 100 Drachmas

Assassins Creed Origins Hippodrome Guide – Elite Tournaments

Once you have completed all of the Tournaments, you unlock a special Elite Tournaments mode. This is basically the same tracks but with much harder opponents. They are more aggressive, better at defending themselves and much tighter on corners.

Elite Course – Nike’s Winged Victory – Race 1
Reward: 200 Drachmas

Elite Course – Ramesses’ Divine Justice – Race 2
Reward: 200 Drachmas

Elite Course – Sol Indiges’ Cursus Magnus – Race 3
Reward: 200 Drachmas

Elite Course – Darius’ Great Battle – Race 4
Reward: 200 Drachmas, Roman Warhorse Mount

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One Comment

  1. This guide helped a LOT… and I’d like to add something:

    When you head into the turns from the inside track:
    Stop boosting if you are
    Begin your turn
    Press your drift button for the first half of the turn
    When you clear the corner, briefly stop pressing the forward and drift buttons
    Quickly resume pressing forward again with boost to recover from the turn.

    This little moment of stopping forward momentum will cause a slight ‘fish-tail’ and then you can resume your pace down the strait of the next inside track without having lost too much momentum.

    *note* The camera does not stay behind you , you will end up looking at the side of your chariot, but the camera will correct quickly when you start down the straight again.

    It takes some practice, but I put nearly a full-lap on the competition on the basic Darius race (#4).

    As an aside; Letting off your forward button at the beginning of the turn can also work … and also makes the competition slam into your rear as they end up pushing you through the turn. You keep momentum, they loose momentum… win-win.

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