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Assassins Creed Origins Incoming Threat Guide

Assassins Creed Origins Incoming Threat Guide
Want to prepare for AC Origins upcoming DLC? Check out this Assassins Creed Origins Incoming Threat Guide to work your way through the Incoming Threat quest, learning the prefix of the story for the coming events in the premium DLC.

As long as your game is updated to the latest version, you should have no problems locating this quest. Incoming Threat has a suggested level of 35 and can be found in the far Eastern area, Herakleion Nome. Once you’ve picked up the quest, simply follow the objectives.

Travel to the Saragina Camp. It’s on the very far Western edge of the map, a short distance North of Siwa. This is an eradication area. You need to kill all of the invaders and loot one of the Commanders. Once you’ve cleared the area, the next stage of the quest begins.

Head to Haueris, in the South East corner. Just North West of Hermopolis is the first objective. This is a large quarry with a lot of enemies but you can avoid all of it if you wish. The cart carries several jars, you just need to smash them to complete the objective. You can use a bow, fire arrow, whatever you need.

Next up, head to Kanopos in Alexandria and travel to the East to the next objective. A short distance over the bridge to the East of Alexandria is the next cart. There’s a couple of guards but nothing out of the ordinary. Take them out, destroy the jars.

Finally, fast travel to your closest point in the Isolated Desert. There’s a very large fort here, lots of enemies. Take out the alarm, just to be safe, then assassinate the target and destroy the cart. Another easy objective. On to Alexandria.

Speak with Otis, inside his house on the East edge of Alexandria. When you arrive you learn that Otis is dead. Search the house, there’s a jar upstairs. Inside the jar is a letter. Discover the letter to complete the quest.

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