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Assassins Creed Origins Light Among The Dunes Guide

Assassins Creed Origins Light Among The Dunes Guide
Want to know where the AC Origins 1.40 quest is this Assassins Creed Origins Light Among The Dunes Guide will tell you everything you need to know to find the Light Among the Dunes quest and complete it ready for the upcoming DLC expansion.

The Light Among the Dunes side quest is available to all players. You do not need the Season Pass or any purchased DLC content. If you update your AC Origins to 1.40, the quest will be available for free. To begin the Light Among the Dunes side quest head to Krokodilopolis in the Faiyum Oasis region.

Approach the area and you will hear a man speaking of strange sightings in the dunes. You need to head far to the South to the Desheret Desert. The location you need to reach is just South East of the Trial of Sekhmet location, the Seth-Anat Tomb.

Once you reach the location head down into the ruins before entering the tomb via the entrance partway down the ruins. Continue through the tomb until the investigation area. Once inside speak with the injured man and he will ask you to locate his lost camel. There is a platform nearby you can use to teleport out of the tomb.

Once topside, follow the objective marker to the camels location, also marked by a large beam coming from the skies above. Approach the camel and interact with the beam of light. Once you do, the group will attack you followed by some soldiers. As you return to the tomb you’ll get ambushed by more of these strange warriors but you can avoid them if you wish.

After you reach the tomb replace the artifact to get ambushed again. This time the enemies are invincible so you must run. You can attempt to flee the tomb but you’ll be killed and the quest continues. Once you awaken, a brief conversation follows before the end of the quest.

You get a Legendary Light Bow for completing it. Setting a pretty exciting precedent for the upcoming DLC.

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