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Assassins Creed Origins Phylakes Guide – How To Kill

Assassins Creed Origins Phylaks Guide - How To Kill
Phylakes are a deadly Bounty Hunter enemy that starts to track you down. This Assassins Creed Origins Phylakes Guide will tell you how to kill them, what they give you and what different Phylakes you can encounter on your travels.

You won’t encounter Phylakes until you reach a certain part of the main story. Once you have unlocked Hidden Blades you will be introduced to the Phylakes via an in-game prompt. It warns you that they are deadly powerful Bounty Hunter enemies that you should avoid. While this is very true, it is possible to take them down with the right equipment, a bit of patience and some skill in combat.

Assassins Creed Origins Phylakes Guide – How To Kill

Phylakes are among the most difficult enemies you will encounter at the start of the game. The first Phylakes you meet will be around level 20 and utilize a number of heavy attacks. While seemingly difficult at first, there is a very easy technique to defeat him. Unlock the Fire Bombs skill and ensure you have full arrows. If you follow the Phylake long enough, he will eventually dismount. When on foot, simply get close and hit him with some Fire Bombs. As he begins to burn and panic, throw a few melee strikes from your mount. Don’t waste too many Fire Bombs at the same time as the burning effect does not stack.

Throw 1 or 2, follow up with arrows, repeat. It’s a pretty simply fight if you can remain mounted.

Assassins Creed Origins Phylakes Guide – What Do You Get?

When you defeat the first Phylake you are given a Legendary Weapon and you unlock a special side quest that is level 40 – which unlocks a Legendary outfit. Check out our Legendary Weapon guide for details.

The Outsider Kill – Legendary Weapon & Side Quest
Ptolemy’s Fist Kill – Ornamented Key & Weapon
The Iron Ram Kill – Legendary Bow
The Stranger Kill – Legendary Weapon
Ra’s Mercy Kill – Ornamented Key & Legendary Weapon
The Hill Kill – Legendary Weapon
Bane of Hathor Kill – Legendary Bow
Half Horn Kill – Ornamented Key, Legendary Bow
The Galatian Kill – Legendary Bow
The Iron Bull Kill – Legendary Shield

Assassins Creed Origins Phylakes Guide – Roster

Phylakes spawn randomly around the map as you progress through the game. Although the locations are somewhat randomized, the type of Phylakes they are and the level they have remain the same. Below is a list of the Phylakes we’ve discovered so far:

The OutsiderLevel 20
Ptolemy’s FistLevel 22
The Iron RamLevel 25
The StrangerLevel 28
Ra’s MercyLevel 30
The HillLevel 32
Bane of HathorLevel 35
Half HornLevel 38
The GalatianLevel 39
The Iron BullLevel 40

Once you have defeated all 10 you need to head to Yw Huts and complete a quest there for a Legendary Outfit.

That’s it for our Assassins Creed Origins Phylakes Guide. Big thanks to DuztCannonball for providing additional information.

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