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Assassins Creed Origins Side Quest Guide

Assassins Creed Origins Side Quest Guide
Assassin’s Creed Origins features a ton of exciting and rewarding side quests to complete. This Assassins Creed Origins Side Quest Guide will list the location of every side quest we’ve discovered as well as any tips needed to complete them.

As is traditional in Assassin’s Creed games, Assassin’s Creed Origin features the vast majority of content and side quests on the map. As such many of these quests are simple A to B missions with a few kills in between. If the quest is difficult or features hidden solutions, we’ll be sure to include them in the quest information.

Assassins Creed Origins Side Quest Guide

Siwa Region Side Quests
Iment Nome Region Side Quests
Lake Mareotis Region Side Quests
Alexandria Region Side Quests
Kanopos Nome Region Side Quests
Sap-Meh Nome Region Side Quests
Sapi-Res Nome Region Side Quests
Memphis Region Side Quests
Giza Region Side Quests
Saqqara Nome Region Side Quests
Atef-Pehu Nome Region Side Quests
Uab Nome Region Side Quests
Faiyum Oasis Side Quests
Faiyum Region Side Quests
Herakleion Nome Side Quests
Green Mountains Region Side Quests
Marmarcia Region Side Quests
Kyrenaika Region Side Quests
Isolated Desert Region Side Quests
Miscellaneous Side Quests

We are updating this Assassins Creed Origins Side Quest Guide as we progress through the game so check back soon for updates.

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  1. I found 125 quests in total. I’m trying to see if there are any I missed. Here’s my list:
    26 The Bride
    40 Plight of the Rebels
    05 Bayek’s Promise
    40 Phylakes’ Prey
    39 Demons in the Desert
    35 Pax Romana
    38 Shadow of Apollo
    38 His Secret Service
    32 Cat’s Cradle
    36 Absolute Power
    Birth of the Creed
    35 Fall of an Empire, Rise of Another
    35 Last of the Medjay
    37 Fires of Dionysias
    38 Dead in the Water
    35 Lure of Glory
    37 The Smugglers of Cyrene
    37 Are You Not Entertained
    36 Cat and Mouse
    35 The Mousetrap
    35 Founding Fathers
    35 The Final Weighing
    34 The Flea of Cyrene
    33 Taking Liberty
    33 Playing with Fire
    33 The Good Roman
    35 Unseeing Eyes
    35 One Bad Apple
    34 Halo of the Huntress
    35 Carpe Diem
    31 The Aftermath
    31 The Battle of the Nile
    31 Aya: Blade of the Goddess
    31 Way of the Gabiniani
    31 Recon Work
    31 Loose Cargo
    31 Predator to Prey
    31 Reunion
    29 Bad Faith
    30 Seven Farmers
    30 Fighting for Faiyum
    30 Shadya’s Rest
    29 The Jaws of Sobek
    28 The Crocodile’s Jaws
    28 The Man Beast
    29 Sobek’s Tears
    28 The Champion
    17 The Tax Master
    25 The Crocodile’s Scales
    27 Sobek’s Gold
    25 Forging Siwa
    26 The Sickness
    25 Rebel Strike
    25 Curse of Wadjet
    24 Feeding Faiyum
    24 Murder in the Temple
    24 A Rebel Alliance
    23 When Night Falls
    23 Rites of Anubis
    23 First Blood
    23 Secrets of the First Pyramids
    31 The Matriarch
    30 Mortem Romanum
    23 Children of the Streets
    21 A Dream of Ashes
    20 Odor Most Foul
    22 Taimhotep’s Song
    23 The Lizard’s Face
    21 The Lizard’s Mask
    23 The Baker’s Dilemna
    20 Blood in the Water
    20 The Hyena
    18 The Old Library
    12 Pompeius Magnus
    19 The Scarab’s Lies
    18 New Kid in Town
    18 Precious Bonds
    18 Worker’s Lament
    17 The Ostrich
    15 The Scarab’s Sting
    16 Lost Happiness
    17 Abuse of Power
    15 Conflict of Interest
    15 Smoke Over Water
    16 All Eyes on Us
    17 Taste of Her Sting
    22 Phylakitai in the Eye
    21 Higher Education
    13 Fair Trade
    13 Thick Skin
    20 The Accidental Philosopher
    21 Symposiasts
    13 In Protest
    20 Wrath of the Poets
    14 The Hungry River
    12 Wild Ride
    14 The Weasel
    12 Egypt’s Medjay
    10 The Odyssey
    12 Aya
    12 End of the Snake
    12 Old Times
    11 Gennadios the Phylakitai
    10 A tithe By Any Other Name
    10 Serapis Unites
    12 Blue Hooligans
    11 The Shifty Scribe
    15 The Last Bodyguard
    09 Birthright
    08 Lady of Slaughter
    07 Ulterior Votive
    06 Ambush in the Temple
    06 Hidden Tax
    08 The Book of the Dead
    05 May Amun Walk Beside You
    04 Prisoners in the Temple
    05 The False Oracle
    03 The Healer
    03 Striking the Anvil
    03 Hideaway
    02 Family Reunion
    02 Gear Up
    01 The Oasis

    1. I have 2 additional quests on my list for a total of 127. 19 What’s Yours is Mine and 38 My Brother for a horse

      1. it was a lot of typing. I may have just missed those 2. I have them on my quest list in game. I’m at 125 quests total. I finally have all the achievements. I don’t have all the skills yet and am at 99%. Some achievement I didn’t get until my 2nd run through.
        Your quest list actually says 127 on it? not doubting you, just want to verify.

          1. 126? I wonder what I missed. At least now I know there is at least one more to find. There may be 127 total, but still not sure. Thanks for the replay. BTW, are you including the Trial of the Gods?

          2. No that one doesn’t seem to show up in my list of completed quests even though I killed Anubis twice. I think the quests the little boy who trades the expensive goods and carbon crystals might count but not sure. Will have to find him and check, I can’t see any side quests left on my map so a bit at a loss where to find no:127 ?

          3. the little boy’s quest are dailies and definitely do not show up. Camel bazaar kid, right?

          4. Yes that’s the one. I think I might have found the discrepancy. Did you get the Deluxe edition? That has teo extra quests “Ambush at sea” & “The secrets of the first pyramids”. I didn’t buy the deluxe edition but I did buy the deluxe pack which gave me “Ambush at sea” but it didn’t give me the pyramid one so perhaps that’s why some have 125, and others have 126 or 127 quests??

          5. That could be it. I did the pre-order thing, but haven’t bought anything else yet. After this weekend, I’m buying the season pass. Thanks for the input. Now I can stop wracking my brain and get back to my 3rd run through. This time… no chest looting til 40 and no killing phylakes on horse back. So far, it’s been tougher, but not too bad. Chest loot levels with you, so should give me lots of cash for the xp things at the end.

          6. Yes so can I, I think I was going cross-eyed trying to spot a missed quest?. I pre-ordered then got the season pass etc. I am loving this game, best Assassin’s Creed yet I think. ? ?

          7. I agree. Sadly lacking in good sea battles, but you can’t have Black Flag in everything =)

          8. I noticed no one has listed “Medjay Quest—General Issue” the quest that gives the Legendary Compendium Shield

    2. Turns out there are 127 quests, if you have all the add ons. The three most commonly missed are: “The Bride” in Faiyam just west a Wadjet’s Burrow. “Loose Cargo” picked up and completed immediately in Herakleion Nome on the west side at one of the “loot treasure” spots. You’ll here in yelling for help from a cage. And “What’s yours is mine” in Giza below the fast travel on the pyramid. Bayek says, “Who would set up camp here” or something like that. The last one starts a chain that you only get if you pre-ordered the game.

          1. Are in the 129 the two new quests?
            One of the pre order dlc isn’t a sidequest, so that’s why it is 127 quests apparently

          2. I bought that $10 upgrade to deluxe. The 2 new quests that took me to 129 are… A Gift From the Gods and Here Comes a New Challenger. So.. it’s still 125 basic quests. And 1 quest from pre-order, 1 from deluxe edition and 2 from DLC.

          3. the 1 from pre order is the secret from pyramids and ambush at sea is from the deluxe edition right?

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