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Assassins Creed Origins Tahemets House Puzzle Guide

During the quest No Honor Amongst Thebes, you will run into a puzzle inside Tahemet’s home. This puzzle involves three small statues that you can rotate. Check out this Assassins Creed Origins Tahemets House Puzzle Guide to find out how to complete the puzzle.

Assassins Creed Origins Tahemets House Puzzle Guide

When you arrive in Tahemet’s house, there is a poem on the table that helps you out with the puzzle. This puzzle is actually pretty easy once you realize there are scarab markings on the floor.Start with the right Jackal statue and move it once so it is looking at that other Jackal statues and the scarab beneath it. Then go to the left statue and turn it until it is looking at that other Jackal statue as well. This one also moves the Pharaoh statue in the back. When both Jackals are looking at each other, the Pharaoh should be looking at them. After a couple of seconds the hatch in the floor will open up and you can proceed.

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