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Assassins Creed Syndicate How To Earn Money Fast

Assassins Creed Syndicate How To Earn Money Fast
So you’re looking to get money fast in AC Syndicate? This Assassin’s Creed Syndicate how to get money fast guide will list the best ways we’ve found to bolster your bank in the latest addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. There isn’t some sure fire way to instantly have the money to unlock all the equipment and purchase all your upgrades but there are some activities that make earning money a little bit quicker. We’ve highlighted the best ways we’ve found but if you have any of your own, please leave a comment and we’ll include it in the guide along with credit.

The Thames – Smuggling Boats & Boat Raids

This is bar far the most effective way we’ve discovered of earning money fast in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Once you’ve unlocked the Associate Ned Wynert you can participate in various Boat Raids and Smuggler Boats down The Thames. Stringing these events together as you travel down The Thames can easily get you 10-30k every 15 minutes, a great way of earning cash for expensive upgrades and equipment. Don’t forget to use boats as a quicker way of reaching the next target

Character Skills That Earn You Money

When leveling your character there are a lot of choices but if you’re looking to get money fast in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, you’ll want to focus on the ones that earn you money. The Loot Takedown skill from the Stealth tree automatically loots enemies you kill. This only gets you a few £ but it also replenishes expensive ammo, without the tedious task of holding a button for 3 seconds. The Scavenger I and Scavenger II perks also seem to boost money found in chests, but only by a little.

Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are expensive and the chests in the lower level zones don’t offer huge returns on your investment. However, if you’re able to find the chests without having to buy all the Treasure Maps, this can be a real winner. Don’t go out of your way to find every chest as they only really offer value in money earned if you grab them while participating in other activities. To avoid spending the huge sums of money to buy each map, use our Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Treasure Map guide with images for each map.

Gang Skills That Earn You Money

When you complete Whitechapel and unlock your hideout train you also unlock the ability to invest in your gang. The Gang Upgrades menu can be accessed via the pause screen or while on your train. If you’re just wanting to rush through the story and ignore the side content, these won’t be of much benefit but if you’re looking to sink serious hours into the game, these can help. First you want to purchase the Black Market Affiliation, Black Market Ties and City Takeover options from the Swindler tree. This saves you huge money on ammo and weapons as you progress and the City Takeover reduces the cost of all over Gang Upgrades by 20%.

Then pick up Ale Heist, Shell Company and Rate of Income. The last two drastically increase the amount you earn from other related skills. Finally pick up Pub Investor, Pub Games, Bookmaker, Tea Magnate and Shop Investor. If you spend wisely you can have this after not too long and will find a regular injection of huge cash in your safe.

Fight Club

As you progress through the story you will meet an Associate called Robert Topping. He is the person that runs the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Fight Club and it can be a great way to increase your earnings. You unlock Robert Topping around Sequence 3, he is marked with a “T” on your map.

Once you’ve unlocked him as an Associate head to his location and complete the first Fight Club. This opens all of the Fight Club areas on your map. There is one Fight Club in each of the zones. With the higher level zones offering better rewards. Depending on your leveling strategy, it is possible to complete a Fight Club mission that is 1-2 levels higher than your main character. The highest level Fight Club, which can be found in Westminster, offers £6000 and 2000 experience points for completing it. They can take a little while but it’s at least a fun way of making cash. It’s worth noting that the money you earn every 30 minutes continues to come even when you’re not playing.

Don’t Waste Your Money At Shops

With shops conveniently placed across every zone it can be easy to pick up your items and Treasure Maps from these locations. However, you’ll soon find that spending £1000-£2000 in filling your ammo and up to £5000 on Treasure Maps soon takes its toll on your bank account.

Instead you want to wait until you’ve completed Whitechapel and you have access to your train. Once you’ve got your train head to the cart at the very back and you will find a shop there. This is the Black Market in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and it offers much cheaper Treasure Maps and much cheaper ammo. You can further improve the discounts on ammo with skills from your Gang Upgrades menu.

We’re adding more as we go so check back soon for updates.

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So you're looking to get money fast in Assassins Creed Syndicate? This how to get money fast guide will list the best ways we've found to bolster your bank in the latest addition to the Assassin's Creed franchise.
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