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Assassin’s Creed Unity Murder Mystery Guide

Assassin's Creed Unity Murder Mystery Guide
This Assassin’s Creed Unity Murder Mystery Guide lists all of the Murder Mystery quests along with some tips and tricks to come to the justified conclusion and convict the right person. Please feel free to leave any alternative methods in the comments below.

While you’re on a Murder Mystery quest all of the evidence and information you discover is placed into a case file. You can view this case file at any time to check the evidence and statements provided by the witnesses.

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You do not have to find all the clues or speak to all those involved. Once you’ve begun the quest and the culprit is available to accuse, you can do so. I have hidden the name of the perpetrator inside a spoiler dropdox. The missions are great fun and even if you don’t accuse anyone, analyze the clues and come up with a suspect and then see if you were right.

Murder Mystery: Murder Foretold
Murder Mystery: The Body in the Brothel
Murder Mystery: The Body Politic
Murder Mystery: The Red Ghost of the Tuileries
Murder Mystery: Barber of Seville
Murder Mystery: Hot Chocolate to Die for
Murder Mystery: Bones of Contention
Murder Mystery: Ancestral Vengeance
Murder Mystery: A Dash of Poison
Murder Mystery: The Death of Philibert Aspairt
Murder Mystery: The Decapitated Warden


Murder Mystery: Cut the Middle Man
Murder Mystery: The Hand of Science
Murder Mystery: Killed by Science
Murder Mystery: The Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat

Assassin’s Creed Unity DLC: Dead Kings For You Murder Mystery DLC Guides

Murder Mystery: Equal Justice
Murder Mystery: Blind Justice

If you have any additional information to provide, please feel free to post a comment below and we’ll update the guide and credit your name.

Doing so is simple. Pause the game and scroll down to the last option, you will see "Initiates". Simply click this option and then go through the following prompts with the "next" option. Eventually you will arrive at a profile screen with a level 1 character, a basic image and some "Coming Soon" tiles below.
This Assassin's Creed Unity Murder Mystery Guide lists all of the Murder Mystery quests along with some tips and tricks to come to the justified conclusion and convict the right person. Please feel free to leave any alternative methods in the comments below.
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