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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Choices And Consequences Guide

Assassins Creed Valhalla Choices And Consequences Guide

Much like AC Odyssey, AC Valhalla will have plenty of choices for you to make. Check out this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Choices and Consequences guide to make sure you don’t so something you regret. Some of the choices don’t matter, but others will effect the ending of the game for you.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Choices And Consequences Guide

If a choice is not listed, it doesn’t matter.

The Prodigal Prince Choices
Rude Awakening Choices
Gorm Choices
Take Or Leave Resources Choices
Tonna Cow Choices
Interrogating The Queen Choices
Spare Or Kill Leofrith Choice
Spare Or Kill Norse Warrior Choice
Thor Freyja Or Tyr Choice
Kill Or Keep A Hostage Scout Choice
Words Before The Battle Choice
Kill Or Spare Rued Choice
Wedding Choice
Rowan Or Holger Choice
Sleep With Randvi Or Dont Choice
Blacksmith Chat Choice
Keep Or Burn The Book Choice
The Compass Attack Choice
Arguing With Sigurd Choice
Lady Eadwyn Choice
Decide Who Gets The Silver Choice
Ivarr Was Right Choice
Stealth Or All Out Attack Choice
What Happened To Ceolbert Choice
King Rhodri Choice
Send Ivarr To Vahlla Or Deny Ivarr Choice
Did Ivarr Die Well Choice
Dag Join You Or Do As You Please Choice
Shergar Take Or Do What You Want Choice
Fight Dag Choice
King Aelfreds Men Choice
The Shiremoot Choice
Who Is The Vault Choice
Silver For Merchants Or Halfdans War Choice
Fulkes Champion Choice
Listen Or Do Not Speak To Me That Way Choice
Attacking The Saxons Or Stowe Speaks With Them Choice
Faravid Camp Choice
Spoils From The Pict Camp Choice
Keep Faravids Secret Choice
Faravid Is Planning An Attack Or Faravid Is Honroable Choice
Traitors Must Suffer Or No Punishment Choice
Halfdan Knows Or Halfdan Does Not Know Choice
Halfdan Or Faravid Choice
Gudrun And Holger Choice
Sigurds Judgement Choice
Druid Riddle Choice
What Will You Do With Cynon Choice
Confronting Cynon Choice
Confronting Modron Choice
How Did My Brother Die Choice
Shield Etching Choice
Trygve Burning Himself Alive Choice
Who Will Be Jarl Choice
Return Home With Me Sigurd Choice

Asgard Mission Choices

Dwarf Blacksmith Choice
Freyja Is Mad About The Marriage Choice
Suttungr Speech Choice
Gunlodr Riddle Choice
Gunlodr Mead Choice

Side Mission Choices

Hysing The World Wise Choice
The Tiny Island King Choice
The Barley Dispute Choice
Is Father Coming Back Choice
Where To Bring The Blood Seer Choice
Are You At Peace Choice
Accept The Ring Or You Keep The Ring Choice
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