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Assign To Peacekeepers Or Survivors In Dying Light 2

When you take structures or facilities, you’re given a choice. In this guide on Assign To Peacekeepers Or Survivors In Dying Light 2 we’ll break down what happens if you decide to give the facility to the Peacekeepers or the Survivors as there’s a lot to breakdown based on your decision.

Firstly, let me get this out of the way. Deciding on whether or not to assign a facility to Peacekeepers or Survivors has nearly no impact on the story whatsoever. There are a couple of Power Stations and Radio Towers that play a large role in the story, but these are during story missions and NPC dialogue makes it very clear that the decision you’re making is going to have an impact. Most of the structures that you take do not have a serious impact on the story or anything in the world bar access to some different items or side quests.

Assign To Peacekeepers Or Survivors In Dying Light 2

Whether or not you want to assign to Peacekeepers or Survivors is entirely up to you. Other than the few story ones, it doesn’t have a massive impact. Those looking for the more good guy approach would likely want to side with the Survivors whereas the Peacekeepers tend to tow the line, at the very list. Each structure you assign, you are given a special environmental benefit for that particular faction.

It’s worth noting that the Survivor one is more about Parkour and Exploration. Whereas the Peacekeeper tree is more about killing and damaging infected.

Peacekeeper Unlocks

  • Car Traps – Certain cars are trapped. Can be activated to attract infected and explode
  • PK Razer Cannon – Cannons set up in specific locations that can be used to shoot the infected
  • Electrical Traps – Parts of the city have electrified flooring. Can be activated to instantly kill all infected on the electric floor
  • Crossbow Pack – Unlocks a Peacekeeper Crossbow and Elemental Bolts
  • Molotov Lanterns – Certain areas of the city are setup with explosive canisters you can shoot that set the area on fire
  • Pendulum Traps – Large pendulum traps set up on lampposts on the street. Kills infected in the area
  • UV Traps – Activates a large UV light in the region. Good to end chases quickly

Survivor Bonuses

  • Ziplines – Ziplines are installed around the city to help with getting around
  • Airbags – Provides a boosted jump when jumped on
  • Landing Bags – Reduce fall damage to zero so you can quickly get down to street level
  • Survivor Revival – When you die in a Survivor zone, one will revive you
  • Air Vents – More air vents to improve Glider exploration
  • Upgraded Airbags – Same as airbags, but provides a bigger boost
  • Two-Way Ziplines – Ziplines that go both ways helping travel to the skyline easier

Ultimately, as disappointing as it sounds, there’s not much difference between the two. Select the ones in the story for the side you want to align with. For the rest, just choose based on the rewards you want to unlock.

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