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Attack On Titan Horse Unlock Guide

Attack On Titan Horse Unlock Guide
Attack on Titan features many areas where your Gear is unable to attach to any obstacles. Thankfully there’s an answer to that problem as you can purchase a variety of different horses to aid you on your travels. This Attack On Titan Horse Unlock Guide features a list of the horses we’ve discovered as well as how to unlock them throughout the game. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Attack On Titan Character Unlock Guide and Attack On Titan Costume Unlock Guide guides.

Attack On Titan Horse Unlock Guide – How To Unlock New Horses

There are a total of 7 different horses that you can unlock throughout Attack on Titan. They unlock naturally as you progress through the game but you must purchase them from a stable/horse vendor before you’re able to use them. Below is a list of the horses we’ve discovered and how you unlock them. Note: All horses are unlocked when reaching a certain Regiment level. To check your level open the starting menu and check the Corps Information tab. The Regiment Information in the upper right includes your current level.

  • Bay – Available as the default horse
  • Chestnut – Available at the start of the game but must still be purchased
  • Dark Bay – Regiment Level 15
  • Dapple Grey – Regiment Level 24
  • Blue – Regiment Level 33
  • White – Regiment Level 55
  • ???? – ???? (If you have any information on the final horse please leave a comment below)

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