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How To Have A Baby Or Adopt In The Sims Mobile

How To Have A Baby Or Adopt In The Sims Mobile
So you’ve reached the height of your career, you’re perfectly happy and now you want to ruin it with your own offspring. Check out this guide for how to have a baby or adopt in The Sims Mobile to make your family complete. Having a baby works in a very similar way to getting married. You must first be married to another Sim as currently you are not able to adopt or have a baby without first being married.

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You also have to be married to a Sim that lives in your household, that you can control. If you marry someone outside of your household they do move in, but without an additional character slot you cannot control them and when you attempt to have a baby, you will get an error message saying you need to find a compatible partner. Once you have reached level 10 relationship and got married, you’re almost there.

You need to progress through the game until about Player Level 10. This unlocks a new option in the Shopping Menu – babies. Once you have unlocked that category you need to purchase a Bassinet, or a crib. Place it somewhere in your house, preferably not in a cupboard under the stairs as that leads to anguish later in life – not magical powers and a stupid scar.

Once the Bassinet is placed in your house simply interact with it and choose whether to adopt a boy, adopt a girl or have your very own Sim baby.

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  1. Hey, i still get the error message “need to find a compatible partner” im married and level 13

          1. Hmm, that is strange. It worked for us. Soulmates, Marriage, Crib, Baby – that’s pretty much how it worked. Bit of a long shot but have you tried interacting with the crib using the male?

          2. Interacting with the crib using the male doesn’t work either.

  2. Same, but I thought that the problem was because both partners are female, but maybe because one is an elder..I don’t know but they both are married and soulmates and also live together. One is going to die in a day and the other is turning an elder so I’m trying to have a baby quickly. I did everything.

  3. I have a question too, I have one baby but he’s a toddler now I’m trying to have a baby again but it says they need privacy what do I do? I want a girl.

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