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Batman Arkham City Clayface Guide

Batman Arkham City Clayface Guide

The next boss in Batman Arkham City is Clayface. He is one of those guys that Batman typically has a hard time bringing down and it is true here as well. This guide will help you bring him down when you next meet. Let’s go.

The first thing for the Batman Arkham City Clayface boss guide is his moves. He actually has a ton of moves but they all revolve around the same thing, his clay. He can make his arms into many things but they are all dodgeable.

His first move as stated above is his clay arms. He can make them into blades hammers or just plain punch you. All of it is the same though in the case of dodging roll away from it and you will be fine.

His second moves just has him flinging clay in a circle for a couple seconds. This is also easily dodged by jumping left or right.

His last move is when he turns into a giant clay ball and tries to ram you. This can be dodged but what you really want to do here is make it so he hits the explosives in the 4 corners of the room when he does this.

Lastly in the second part of the fight he will make clay clones which are easily killed and you can get a decent combo multiplier going.

Now for the fight part of the Batman Arkham City Clayface boss guide. As soon as the fight started for me he started spitting clay at me. So be ready to dodge right at the start of the fight.

He will likely do 3-4 attacks before he does his clay ball charge. After you dodge any of his attacks do a quick freeze bomb a couple times in order to damage him.

Once he forms his giant clay ball run towards one of the corners and make sure he hits it. Once he does he will explode and take massive damage and be put in the middle of the room. While this is happening spam freeze bombs until he re forms and get ready to dodge again.

He will try a couple of different clay fist attacks this time but they are all still easily dodgeable. Just be sure that after you dodge you be ready for a second swing or smash from him. Once you juke him twice hit him with a freeze bomb or two and he will do his clay ball again. Make sure he hits the explosives then freeze him.

At this point he will likely be fully frozen and you will pull the sword out from him. After that just start swinging and hope you can break him before he thaws. If you do good job if not you will have to make him explode one or two more times. No big deal it just means the fight will go on longer and you will have to do a bit more dodging.

Now for the second part of the fight you will be dropped into a different room. Down here Clayface is already somewhat disabled but he will send clay clones at you. Beat them down a bit and you should notice his an orange bar by his health bar filling up. Once it reaches full Clayface will spit at you. Dodge the clay then throw an ice bomb in his mouth.Then he will go back to goo.

He will keep sending out clay guys at you until he is dead. They die very quickly and you can get a good combo going if you avoid Clayface’s spit. Still when Clayface reforms try to focus on him more then the clones. After you fully freeze him focus on him and you will have won the fight. Good job.

That will end the Batman Arkham City Clayface boss guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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