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Batman Arkham City Finding Nora Freeze

Batman Arkham City Finding Nora Freeze

Most of the side quests in Batman Arkham City are fairly simple and they will lead you right to where you need to be. This one on the other hand only leads you to the general area. This guide will help you in finding Nora Freeze. Let’s get started.

First off in order to us the Batman Arkham City finding Nora Freeze guide you need to actually beat Mr. Freeze. After you beat him he will ask for help and of course Batman will accept.

Now on to the finding part of the Batman Arkham City finding Nora Freeze guide. When you get the quest put it on your tracker from the map. This will lead you to Joker’s playland. Once you land it will prompt you to find her.

Now I activated detective vision and scouted the area. The door we want to go through it protected by two armed guys and there are a few people roaming around the door as well. Above the door is a sign that reads Sionis industries and to the left is a Joker’s Funland sign.Drop the two goons and anyone else that tries to fight back and attempt to open the door. It is locked so we need to find a new way in.

Head up to the roof and look off the right side. You should see a boat floating there. Glide down to it and you will see a wall you can break with the explosive gel. Throw the ice grenade thing into the water and it will make a platform that you can go on and cross over the water. Use the Batclaw while on the ice block and use it to pull yourself over the the wall. Blow the wall up go further inside and jump up. You should see a broken vent you can go in. Go in and you will be in the room with Nora. she is protected by like 15 guys but none of them have guns. I advise taking out an armor guy first then letting the rest of them have it.

There is one last tricky part to this and that’s getting back into the station. Freeze froze the front door so we need to take the back. With your detective vision on go to the back and you will see a bunch of broken walkways and water below. If you can the building you should either A see the door or B see the ledge you need to shoot to in order to get in. I’ll be honest it took me about an hour to find it and I fell in the water and Batman went to the right area himself so you may want to try that. Now you should of beat the quest, good job.

That will end the Batman Arkham City finding Nora Freeze guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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  1. Directions are horrible. Stand on giant crane look down for the flashing red north gotham dock sign go down to the boat make an ice glacier and pull yourself to the wall.

      1. I had a really hard time with this is well but at the back near all the broken walkways and things there is a place you can launch to and go in the back door. Use the vision tro see the door. I’m gonna add it to the guide actually.

  2. Go on top off the roof look right there are two platforms in the water jump on them turn to face building and grapple up to door, boom your done

  3. It is actually really easy to get back in. Fly up to the gargoyles, then jump out towards the water, and fly out a little bit, then turn around mid air, and fly inwards towards the middle of the building. Dive a little, and you will see a big hole in the wall (Its kind of under the roof that is sticking out from the main part of the building). Then just grabble on to it.

  4. Directions aren`t good.
    When you see the map, you will see a light blue bubble. On it’s top>left side. you will see a biig boat on the water, half of this boat is outside the circle. Ok, you go there. Once there, you just shoot an ice-granade to the water and use the bait-claw and use it to impulse yourself towards a weak-wooden wall in front of the boat. Once close, you just make it explode and tataraa you are in. You just kick all the guard’s butt and, as soon as you see Nora, batman said ”hmm, i should tell mr.freeze about his wife’s location”. You go outside by he only amiable door and unlock it with that small-computer-you-use-to-hack-passwords (forgot name) and boom, you are outside. Go to mr.freeze and, well, mission’s ending. :3

    IMPORTANT TIP, SEMI-SPOILER BUT IMPORTANT HELP: Once you go towards the joker’s cure, there will be a huge and very very difficult fight between unstoppable-annoying-joker. one arm man, and titan beast, other twenty guys and cars which you don’t have to touch. The most and only important tip is: Get raid of all the men you can. As soon as one-arm appears, you press double R2 and it instantly (dunno why) throws ice to him, and THAT is what you must use to stop him, NOT electricity. You use electricity to make him go in circles and hit everyone. As soon as titan beast appears, you ONLY focus in him. as soon as you press (ps3 controls) O,O,O, you punch him thousand times. then you jump into his back. YOU MUST press ‘O’ and he punches the floor and gets raid of a big quantity of men, you press ‘x’ and he goes in a direct line towards a wall. punching men if they are in his way. As soon as you get raid of titan-mosnter. You are between one-arm and joker. press double R2 and freeze one-arm, go towards him and punchpunchpunchpunchpunch! if he is going to hit you, then MOVE. The joker will be annoying, just freeze him or press three times ‘O’, the same thing you use before climbing the titan. Then continue freezing one-arm and hitting him until you beat him. :D. This is very helpful because in that part I personally wanted to throw the game to the fire and throws the PS3 to a wall and burn my house (>:l )

  5. I am so stuck. I can’t seem to figure out where to go. I’ve beaten the main story,but now I’m just doing the Riddler Challenges and Side Missions. I try to go to where the big bubble is,but I see nothing. The Gotham Dock is supposedly the way. So you throw an Ice Grenade and move to the wall you can destroy with the Gel? I’ll try that. HINT:The side mission where you have to take the cure that “Fox” made is actually a shortcut to a secret boss battle with the Mad Hatter. And the “Identity Theft” Killer is Black Mask. I know this because all the murder victims look like they have black masks. If any of you can reply to this to help me more, it would be really useful.

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