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Batman Arkham City Getting Past Penguin

Batman Arkham City Getting Past Penguin

When you finally reach Penguin in Batman Arkham City you will have to get past him. He has Freeze’s gun so he can’t be hit by normal means. This guide will help you get past him without even being hit. Let’s go.

First off for the Batman Arkham City getting past Penguin guide is his moves. Well he only has one move but Freeze’s gun has more then one ability.

First off he will try to shoot you with the gun. Avoiding this is fairly simple just wait behind cover until he stops firing then go past. Being hit will hurt you quite a bit but you can take a couple hits. He will always fire where he thinks you are going to go so be careful when you go from cover to cover.

The guns second ability is a shield. Penguin can’t be hit by anything until you disable the gun.

Now for the tricky part of the Batman Arkham City getting past Penguin guide. First off you have to dodge his ice blasts. Just stay behind cover until he stops firing then go to the next cover point. Keep doing this until you can see Penguin and can run to him.

Equip your ice gun disabler and be ready. He will say something like “Come on Batman this one is free” or something like that. Walk towards him with that equipped and use it as you move towards him. His gun will be disabled and you can punch him. Easy enough right?

That will end the Batman Arkham City getting past Penguin guide. Check out and favorite our Batman Arkham Asylum Complete Walkthrough Guide for more the latest updates. Includes Boss Fight Guides and more!

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