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Batman Arkham City Meltdown Mayhem Walkthrough

Batman Arkham City Meltdown Mayhem Walkthrough
This is the first Predator Challenge in Batman Arkham City and it is called Meltdown Mayhem. This is very basic and this guide will help you burn through it. I’m not going for records or anything I’m just going for all three medals. Let’s do it.

Press select to check what you need to do specifically for an objective. Always use detective vision to scan the area and find out where everyone is.

Batman Arkham City Predator challenge Meltdown Mayhem guide 1 – Smoke Detector – Activate your vision and look to the lower left. You should see a guy talking crap about how they own Arkham city. Well we are about to show him up. Equip your smoke bomb and wait for him to start walking down the steps. Drop down behind him drop the smoke bomb near him and he will cough. When his happens do a silent take down to get the medal. After that go back to the roof.

Batman Arkham City Predator challenge Meltdown Mayhem guide 2 – Shock Tactics – At this point Riddler will likely make a remark on someone being downed. This should prompt the other goons to rush over and check him out. Once one gets to the body on the stairs wait for a second to either be in front of behind him. Equip the REC gun and pop the guy who is going to shoot his buddy. This will likely give your position away so fly to another gargoyle or something to avoid being seen.

Batman Arkham City Predator challenge Meltdown Mayhem guide 3 – Mind your head – This one is the easiest which is why I save it for last. Just wait for a guy to be alone and not see you then pop him with a Batarang. Drop down and do the ground take down. He will be knocked out and you will have all three medals. Now you just need to clear the rest of the goons out as you see fit.

That will end the Batman Arkham City Predator challenge Meltdown Mayhem guide. Check back soon for more!

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