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Batman Arkham City Mister Hammer Guide

Batman Arkham City Mister Hammer GuideThe first boss in Batman Arkham City is called Mister Hammer. He is a one armed buff dude with a sledge hammer. This boss guide will help you beat him and his goons in no time. Let’s go.

First thing for the Batman Arkham City Mister Hammer boss guide is his moves. He only has one arm so he really doesn’t have many moves.

His first move is just a swing or swipe with his hammer. He will get in attack position then swing at you. Pretty simple just double tap jump to dodge the attack.

His second attack he does is a jump attack. He will squat down then jump at you and try to hit you with his hammer. You can dodge his one as well.

He has a group of other bad guys with him. Hitting Mister Hammer with your electric gun will make him spin with his hammer and hurt his allies. Try to use this to your advantage.

Now on to the fight part of the Batman Arkham City Mister Hammer boss guide. Once the fight starts try to take out a couple of the other goons first. If you have a clear shoot at Mister Hammer hit him with the electric gun. With some luck he will bring down a guy or two.

Take down all his goon buddies first while using him as a spinning hammer of death. This will keep him disabled for a couple seconds while you take out any goons he doesn’t hit. After you bring them down it is time to drop the hammer.

Move in and strike him. Batman will strike him really fast but you still have to dodge any attacks he throws at you. Just dodge his attack and hit him and after a couple minutes you will have won the fight.

That will end the Batman Arkham City Mister Hammer boss guide. Check out and favorite our Batman Arkham Asylum Complete Walkthrough Guide for more the latest updates. Includes Boss Fight Guides and more!

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