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Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze Guide

Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze Guide

The next boss in Batman Arkham City is Mr. Freeze. A head on approach against Freeze will mean death so we will have to play kind of stealthy this time around. This guide will help you bring him down really quickly. Let’s do it.

First off for the Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze boss guide is his moves. He doesn’t have much but I’ll still go over them.

First off is his gun. If you remember Penguin shooting it at you it really hasn’t changed. In all honesty in this fight you are really hiding a lot so you shouldn’t be hit by it much.

If you try to hit him head on he will put his shield up and knock you back. This will lead to a blast or punch from him.

Lastly after you do some damage you will hear a beep. If you don’t run he will do an AoE shock wave and do some damage to you.

Now on to the fight portion of the Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze boss guide. As soon as the fight starts Oracle will send you a thing on Freeze’s suit. Press select to check them out. This basically goes over how to hurt him. A direct approach will not work. There are about 12 different ways to hurt him and you can do what you want but I will go over how I did it. Always stay out of his sight unless he is stunned.

I am playing on normal and it took 5 hits but I assume on hard it will take more.

First thing you want to do is wait for him to pass you. Stay behind something and watch his path with detective mode. You can see him walk like this. Once he passes do a silent take down from behind and he will be stunned. After that go punch him in the face until you do damage to his health bar. After that he will say something like that won’t work twice. Be sure to move before he gets up and hurts you.

Like he said you cannot use the same tactic twice. So we will have to use a variety of abilities. If you want to try something I don’t go for it.

The next thing I did was electrocute him in the water. There are a couple areas that you can go into and you will basically be stuck waiting for Freeze to come. One of these areas has a button in it that leads to a downed wire. As Freeze approaches the wire hit the button and he will be disabled. Be sure to wait for the electricity to clear then bash him some more.

Next I did a glide kick. All the gargoyles are froze so you will have to do this from a rail. Once you see an opportunity jump on the rail and glide kick him. He will be knocked over and you can then punch him some more.

After that I did the ledge take down. Climb on a ledge and wait for freeze to pass by it. Or watch freeze go up some stairs then climb to that ledge. Either way once he is in grabbing distance grab him and he will be knocked out. Go punch him a bit then you will have to take him down one more time.

The last thing I did was use the Line gun to kick him in the side of the head. Once you see Freeze walking on the opposite ledge of you launch the gun in front of him and you should hit him in the face. Knock him out and you will have won the fight. Good job.

That will end the Batman Arkham City Mr. Freeze boss guide. Check out and favorite our Batman Arkham Asylum Complete Walkthrough Guide for more the latest updates. Includes Boss Fight Guides and more!

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  1. I’m currently playing the Plus version of the game. In addition to all of those moves, I’ve used the Magnets on the wall, used the dissrupter to jam his gun, used the grates to pop up and take down, and a drop kick attack, all in the same go ’round. By the look of Freeze’s health bar there is one last thing that I need to do to take him out. For the life of me I cannot figure out any other moves! I have tried to blow up walls, but they barely seem to stun him. What am I missing??? (Besides a life….)

  2. Tricky, but if you can get him to walk under the section either side you can detonate the glass above him. I couldn’t get the walls to do any damage when he walked by. 🙁

  3. If you use a wall to blow him up make sure you with him with the side of the wall that does not have to explosive, that way the debris will hit him and not just the explosion. You need to be sure it’s the debris that hits him for the explosions to work.

  4. On story plus mode, it’s very easy to run out of tactics before Freeze runs out of life. For instance, a ledge takedown will cause him to freeze all the rails, which means you can’t do drop attacks. And if you do a drop attack using the line launcher tightrope walk, it will prevent you from using the line launcher to hit him directly. And the list goes on.

    I’ve beaten Freeze in both modes, but honestly this boss battle is one of the lamest video game scenarios I’ve ever encountered. It damn near ruins the game for me. I wish Rocksteady had been a little more creative with this section; but then again Arkham City has a whole laundry list of issues that go way beyond this part, so I guess they can’t be blamed for half-assing just one part when they’ve clearly cut so many corners in the rest of the game.

      1. creativity, noun. The quality or ability to create or invent something.

        the Freeze fight does not involve creating or inventing anything, it involves doing exactly the things that are on the list of things you can do. try to experiment? sorry, we didn’t bother coding in anything for the batclaw disarm, so trying to use that will just get you shot.

        on normal, it’s a fantastic fight. on new game plus, you die repeatedly as you try and work out any way to get the last segment of health off him.

        1. I actually appreciated having to really push my understanding of the available options in NG+. It forced me to evaluate exactly what I was doing and when which was a nice change of pace from the frantic action of the rest of the game.

      2. I agree calling it lame is pretty inadequate, Mr freeze although is time consuming and in the game plus mode takes more than five attacks. It’s one of the more challenging bosses. You have to use just about every tactic in the list. Unlike the other bosses that after the normal mode you just have to be a lil faster. Guess it doesn’t fare with the mind boggling dungeons and dragons. Lol

  5. The other thing to mention in story+ mode is that if you use detective mode for any length of time he will begin jamming the signal and there is no way to get it back. Make sure you use detective mode for very brief intervals, a glance at most. Other than that I beat it by using as many drop attacks in a row as I could before he froze the lab equipment. I think I got three in which was extremely helpful.

  6. well mike i actually thought it was a good game a little bit of challenge is really not a bad thing who wants to play a game were its the same thing for every boss fight also i thought the fighting in the game was done well considering you can counter three people at once and if your good enough you wont get hit for an entire fight so i thought it was unfair to call the game uncreative and half assed when its really not it was there was a huge improvement from arkham asylum plus the story to the game was not bad either

  7. It’s funny cuz the first time I did this I did completely different moves

    Electric shock, underground, explosive through a wall, disrupter, before running out of ideas and sneaking up behind him

    Funny how we all think of different strategies

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