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Batman Arkham City Ra’s Al Ghul Guide

Batman Arkham City Ra's Al Ghul Guide

The next boss in Batman Arkham City is Ra’s Al Ghul. For those of you who don’t know he has revived himself many times over the years and is mostly immortal. This guide will help you burn him down before he can beat you. Let’s do it.

First thing for the Batman Arkham City Ra’s Al Ghul boss guide is his moves. He has a lot and will often send out sandmen clones to attack you as well.

His first move is his simple sword attacks. He will jump out from his clones and try to slice you. You can dodge this because he does jump a bit before hand. If you see him in the air just dodge left or right because he is coming after you.

After beating his clones and doing some damage to him he will make a barrier or sand clones then make a large one of himself. Behind the sand clones is the actual guy you want to hit. During this he will do three things. He will throw throwing stars at you which are easily avoided, try to smash you with his hand if you get to close, and launch blades from the sand at you. The blades are the hardest to dodge because after you hit a few times he will start to predict your movements and place the blades in spots that are hard to avoid.

His last attack is after you beat the giant form. He will jump out of the sand at you and you have to counter over and over. After that you can beat him down a bit.

The sand clones will do damage if you let them hit you do try to bring them down fast.

Now for the fight part of the Batman Arkham City Ra’s Al Ghul boss guide. When the fight starts it is just you and an empty desert. Move around a bit and Ra’s will jump down at you. Attempt to hit him then he will send out some clones. Make short work of them while avoiding the blade dash from Ra’s.

At this point he will sink into the sand and make a large clone of himself and many little ones to protect his body. There are a couple gaps in between the smaller clones where you can hit Ra’s with your electric gun. Still he will try to hit you with throwing stars and his 5 blades. At first the blades can easily be dodged by simply rolling away from them so do so. After a few hits he will sink back into the sand.

After a second or two he will pop out and you need to do a lot of countering. After you catch his blade and put it to his neck you will be back in the real world. Talia will tell you to kill him and he will want you to. Being Batman and all you won’t of course but we did do some damage.

After the brief scene you will be back in the desert and about 20 guys will pop out of the sand and try to jump you. Just hit the counter button and wait for them to land. Once they do you will get a large multiplier and knock them all back. In this mash of people Ra’s is hidden and will try to hit you so avoid his blade dash when he is out. You need to beat all of them which isn’t top hard. If you take to long they will pop back into the sand and try to jump you again. Don’t worry the ones beaten will stay down and you just have to finish the rest. After that hit Ra’s if you can then he will make the giant clone again.

This is pretty much the same from last time but two things change. First off the gap in between clones is much smaller so you will have to do much more running. Second off the blades will be placed better. Instead of just rolling out of the way you may have to roll back the way you came in order to dodge them. This often means you will miss a hit or two but taking a hit from the blades may lead to a second hit from Ra’s so just do the dodge. After a few hits the giant clone will disappear.

Ra’s will pop out of the sand and you will have to counter again. Do so until you can beat him down a bit and you will be back in the real world.

At this point Ra’s will take his daughter hostage and tell you kill him or he kills her. You will get out the homing Batarang and have to lock onto him with it. Once you do that throw it it will curve around and hit him in the back. Batman will take his blood and you will get a cut scene. Good job.

That will end the Batman Arkham City Ra’s Al Ghul boss guide. Check out and favorite our Batman Arkham Asylum Complete Walkthrough Guide for more the latest updates. Includes Boss Fight Guides and more!

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  1. After counter atack rus el ghul grabs her daughter an threatens.but I am stuck,batman stands like statue and doesnot hit him.i tried everything even boomerang and remote batrang.but no use every time I press any key not responds.help me .is there any way to beat. That stupid ras gul?

    1. The key is to throw the reverse batarang. You do this by holding L1 then, when the crosshairs appear, hold down R2. Hold for a few seconds, then release. This should whip around his head and hit him from behind.

  2. hey guys first go bmlancher there go to settings and change the last “hardware accelerated phyasx to normal”
    ,that will be off by default, and then start the game.

    that will help to to throw the sword and bring the boorang

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