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Batman Arkham City Shot In The Dark Walkthrough

Batman Arkham City Shot In The Dark Walkthrough

This is the side quest that deals with Deadshot in Batman Arkham City. You basically have to find the victims of Deadshot then find out where he shot from. This guide will help you find all the victims and the clues you need to crack the case. Let’s go.

Batman Arkham City Shot in the Dark guide victim 1 – The first victim is given to you at the start of the quest and we really don’t need to go over it because it is easy.

Batman Arkham City Shot in the Dark guide victim 2 – This one actually had me stomped for a few minutes but I finally found him isolated on a broken piece of highway. Once you land at the way point for the second shot look up and you should see the broken part of the highway. Go up there and activate your detective vision to see the dead guy.Scan him then go to where the shot was fired. Once you get there check around the ledge to see a tripod that was left behind. Scan it and then we need to find the last victim.

Batman Arkham City Shot in the Dark guide victim 3 – Once you hear the shot you will get a way point for the victim. When I landed I heard some guys saying something like “Who offed this guy?” and I saw four guys around a dead body. We need the body so you have to take out the goons. Drop them then scare the body. Follow the line to the metal shutter. Scan the bullet hole on the shutter to get another line. Follow that line to find out that Deadshot has to crouch for the shot and he melted some snow. With that Batman can somehow track an untrackable guy. Pretty impressive.

Batman Arkham City Shot in the Dark guide – With the last victim found we need to start searching sub stations. Check the middle one first because that’s where I found his things. Rip the metal thing down and you will see a couple guns and a PDA. Hack the PDA to find out he is going to try to kill Jack Ryder. We have Jack Ryder’s location so let’s move! Getting there in the allotted time is fairly simple just glide and grapple your way there. Once there it is time to fight him.

Batman Arkham City Shot in the Dark guide – Beating DeadshotBeating Deadshot isn’t to hard but be warned he never misses according to himself. What this means is if he sees you before you get to him you lose. All you have to do is avoid his laser sight and get to him. What I did was got out of corner cover and stayed crouched. Then I went right and around the two barriers. Then when he was looking on the other side I went under him and took him down. Pretty simple right?

That will end the Batman Arkham City Shot in the Dark guide and Beating Deadshot guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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  1. I found the second deadshot victom but i can’t scan him y? I’ve got the msg from oracle to find the second victom but it just won’t scan can anyone help

    1. The guy ur referring to is probably not the right guy. When u follow the waypoint about the second victim, look up to a broken highway/bridge, and there you’ll find the victim. The dead/unconscious thug near the waypoint, on the main street, is just for decoration. He he….

  2. I have the same problem as rini. I got oracles message and I go to the body but batman doesn’t say anything and I have no option to scan anything. Can anyone help?

  3. But how can you start scanning the area in the first place if Batman doesn’t react in any way, doesn’t say anything after have gotten close to the victim? The forensic scanning can’t be turned on manually likewise the normal area scanning mode. In the map you are told to find the 2nd victim and when you finally do (up in the bridge), nothing happens!

  4. You have to kill all the bad guys in the area before u can scan the dead bodys and just to make sure theyre dead us detective mode highlight them and it will come up with deseased if it says unconsiouse or anything else u got the wrong guy
    Remember deseased

  5. i wanna find the second victim but there is no dead body where you say there is iv had no message from oracle or anything and iv completed the main story…………what do i do?

  6. After i finished the 1st deadshot victim it didnt give me a wayoint for the 2nd even after i beat the game. Im now doing the new game plus and it has still yet to give me a waypoint idk what to do can nyone help

  7. I did the whole investigation for the first victim but i never got a message from yhe oracle for the 2nd victim. I beat the game with that problem an now ive started a new game plus and am having the same problem? Why arent i gettin the message from oracle

  8. I need help please. The third body does not exist! I found the tripod and then the game said to me to “find more clues to continue the investigation”

    PS: I finished the main campaign

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