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Batman Arkham City Solomon Grundy Guide

Batman Arkham City Solomon Grundy Guide

Solomon Grundy is the first true boss in Batman Arkham City. He is huge and supposedly immortal. This guide will help you bring him when you face of with him. So let’s get started.

First off for the Batman Arkham City Solomon Grundy boss guide is his moves. He has two wrecking balls on his hands that he can spin around so always be wary of that.

So his first move involves the chain. He can swing it round and round or just slam it on your head. Either way all you have to do is dodge out of the way.

Getting to close to him will result in him grabbing you and throwing you. Unless you have him disabled keep your distance.

As the fight progresses his wrecking ball will become electric and he can slam it on the ground and make a shock wave. Kind of like a mini game in Mario Party just wait for it to get close and jump over it. He will also send out electric maggots which you can use avoid or just spam the batarang at them.

Now on to the fight part of the Batman Arkham City Solomon Grundy boss guide. First off you will be told how to use your explosive gel quickly so make a note of it.

You should see three lit up areas on the floor. While they are orange use the gel on them then detonate it. If they are blue that means electricity is going through them so don’t walk into it. The whole time he will be fighting with you. You have to avoid his attacks then break all three of the panels. It is fairly simple to do at the moment.

After this part he will get more aggressive and the floor panels will be protected. When it is closed you can’t put gel on it so blow it up. Wait for them to open then put gel on it. Do not detonate unless the panel is open or else it won’t count.

At this point Grundy will be swinging his wrecking ball a lot more which means you are going to have to dodge a lot more. If it comes down to planting the gel or dodging the attack just dodge. Take your time avoiding his attacks then planting the gel. It may take a couple minutes but you will eventually disable all the panels.

Once you do start to punch him and bring him down. After that you will be prompted to finish off him off. Do so and he will grab you. He will crawl over to the generator. Once he is there you will have top spam a button and escape. Do so and the last part of the fight will begin.

Now he is raging and will be slamming his ball down to create some shock waves. Jump then when you see the wave get close and either avoid the maggots or batarang them.

You still need to blow up the panels on the floor but they will shoot electricity much more frequently. Take your time slow and steady will win the race here. After taking out all three go back to Grundy and punch him down. After that the Penguin will jump down and round 2 with him will start.

That will end the Batman Arkham City Solomon Grundy boss guide. Check out and favorite our Batman Arkham Asylum Complete Walkthrough Guide for more the latest updates. Includes Boss Fight Guides and more!

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