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Batman Arkham Origins Guide: Anarky Side Mission Guide

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After you leave the ship the Penguin is on you will be alerted by Anarky that he has planted bombs all over the city. This guide will help you get to the bombs and bring Anarky down before he can cause anymore chaos. Let’s get started.

Anarky Most Wanted


Batman Arkham Origins Anarky Side Mission Guide

Be sure to use the grapple boost while going to the bombs to make sure you can make it on time!

Anarky Supporter 1 – After you beat Deathstroke and leave the casino an Anarky supporter will appear right outside. Talking to him will start a mission to find and disarm a bomb. Follow the A marker on your radar to find the bomb in the Plaza protected by a few guards. Take out the guards and you can disable the first bomb.

Anarky Supporter 2 – After you diffuse the first bomb a second Anarky support will appear in the Diamond District. The second bomb is located within Amusement mile and you have a just under 4 minutes to get there. Like the last bomb you will have to beat down a few guards to access it so be sure to have at least 30 seconds to spare.

Anarky Supporter 3– The third and final bomb guy can be found in the Coventry. Talk to him and he will give you the location of the next bomb which is in the Burnlet. This one only gives you 2:40 so head straight for the bomb because yet again there are some guards you will need to take care of. After you disarm the last bomb Anarky will call you and tell you to meet him at the courthouse.

At this point you should have the fast travel to the Bowery so use that to get closer. Open the door in the back of the courthouse to start the confrontation with Anarky.

He will start off with an ambush and you will have to take out his men. Once you take most of them out he will join the fight and he has a electric baton. Double jump over him and hit him in the back to make him drop the weapon. Take out the rest of his men and then when he is the only one left take him out and the mission will be completed.

That will end the Batman Arkham Origins Anarky Side Mission Guide, check back soon for more Batman guides!

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