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Batman Arkham Origins Guide: Crime Scene Guide

Batman Arkham Orgins

Batman Arkham Orgins introduces a new features known as crime scenes. Basically you recreate what happened right before someone died and you can find out who did it and punish them. This crime scene guide will help you solve the cases easily! Let’s get started.

Crime Scene Guide


Batman Arkham Origins Crime Scene Guide

Jezebel Plaza Fall – I got this unlocked while I was going through The Bowery on an Anarky mission. The police think the victim fell from a building above the way point. First thing you should scan is the body and find out who is it. After that check the body again to re create what happened and find out that he fell through the roof above. Head up to the roof above and you will create what happened before the fall and discover he was pushed. After that head to the vent system below and you will find the brief case and two sets of finger prints. Then you can check your map and find the culprit in the Diamond District.

Lacey Towers Murders – The police think Penguin killed Blackmask so you will check the crime scene to find out what really happened. First things first there are three pieces of evidence for you to scan before you can start re making the scene. After you figure out a Moltov was thrown into the room check the body again to find out how he was shot. Check the next few objects until you can start rewinding the scene. Rewind to where the guy came through the window and check the area for find some fabric. Head up to the kitchen next to find a bit of blood and examine it. Rewind time until she gets hit and go find her cellphone on the floor to complete this crime scene.

Dixon Docks Shooting – This crime scene can be found in Amusement Mile. Once you get there the first thing you will do is examine the body as usual. Check the next target right below the bodies feet to start re making the scene. After that scan the blood and you can start to re create the scene. Fast forward a bit and you will see his camera go quite a bit behind the body. Scan it and you can then go confront to real killer. The killer can be found in the Diamond District. Take out him and his goons and interrogate him to beat this scene.

Coventry Fire – The Coventry fire crime scene is of course found in the Coventry. You know how it goes analyze the body then you can start the reconstruction. Scan all the evidence until you can replay the scene and follow the second guy up the wall. Scan both of the objects up there and then you will find the suspect. Mark him on your map and head over there, beat down the guys around him and interrogate him to beat the mission.


Burnley Hit and Run – This crime scene is right outside of the police station in Burnley. Scan the body then the splatter next to the body. Rewind the crime scene so you can see where he was hit at then go scan that area. Scan that then go all the way to the end of the scene to find the last object you need to scan. You can find the suspect really close to the crime scene, take him out and the mission is over.

Amusement Mile Mauling – Head over to Amusement Mile and scan the body to get started. Once you start reconstructing the scene until you see what killed the victim, follow it down below and scan it. After that head over to Park Row and take the suspect down.

Crime Alley Shootings – Head over to Park Row and drop down to the alley and scan the body to start the scene. After you scan the bodies you can start remaking the crime. Go all the way forward to see he left a shell in a grate near the scene, open the grate and scan the shell. After that you figure out who it is and you will need to go take them down.

That will end the Batman Arkham Origins Crime Scene Guide, check back soon for updates!

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