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Batman Arkham Origins Guide: Deadshot Side Quest Guide

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The Deadshot mission can be found in The Bowery at the S.O.S location. This is actually a trap from the police but Deadshot has other plans for you. This side quest guide will help you bring down Deadshot with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

Deadshot Most Wanted


Batman Arkham Origins Deadshot Side Quest Guide

After the police chopper is shot down head to the crash location and start looking for survivors. Start investigating the crime scene and you can see how the chopper crashed. Head back up to the roof you were first on when you started the mission and do some more investigating. Rewind the crime scene after you scan the rooftop so you can find the tail end of the chopper. Rewind to right before the chopper gets shot and you can see the laser going from another rooftop below you. Head down there and you can scan the body to complete the crime scene. Keep detective vision on and go towards the other laser to see where Deadshot fired from. You can find a small radio tower that the shot was fired from.

Scan the bullet then use the frequency to receive a message from Deadshot. He wants you to meet him at the bank so he can kill you, head to the waypoint. Once you get there head to the roof and take entrance on the roof to enter the bank. Deadshot will be inside the bank with a few armed men but you have the element of surprise. Go one enemy at a time because with the damage Deadshot does if you get caught between him and a couple of guys you will likely die. Once you deal with the other guys you can take on Deadshot. He is basically an armored thug so you will need to use your cape then punch him down. If you have shock gloves use them when they are charged. When he gets to about 25% more of armed thugs will appear. Don’t risk it just back out and take it slow, one guy at a time. Once it is just you and Deadshot face him again until the hostage.

Once he grabs the hostage get out of his sights because he will kill the hostage if you get to close and he sees you. He will also send in four more thugs and one of them will have a jammer. Take them all out and head up to the second floor and activate detective vision. You need to sneak up behind him and do a silent take down to finish the mission.

That will end the Batman Arkham Origins Deadshot Side Quest Guide, check back soon for more Batman guides!

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