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Batman Arkham Origins Guide: Mad Hatter Side Mission Guide

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The Mad Hatter makes an appearance in Batman Arkham Origins as a side quest. His mean sing you a nice little tune and invite you to his party. This guide will help you get through the madness and come out on top! Let’s get started.

Mad Hatter Most Wanted

Mad Hatting

Batman Arkham Origins Mad Hatter Side Quest Guide

Head to the Mad Hatter way point and enter the building to start this mission. In the entrance you can hear Hatter talking to some of his men but the door is locked. Break the vent near the ceiling and enter that way. Once you get to the room with the Hatter take out his men then speak to him to be transported to Wonderland.

In Wonderland keep following the path until you see the electric panels on the floor. These will of course hurt you so wait for them to clear before passing. Once you make it to the end you will have to sit on the last electric platform when it has no electricity and take out the 6 lamps across the gap. Take the bridge and watch out for the next set of electric panels and jump the gap once you get there. Keep following the path until you drop down into a room with multiple doors.

The door trick is pretty simple just pick the door with the rabbit above it three times to get the right one. Once you are in the next room you will face off with three waves of enemies, use the shock gloves if you have them to make this easier. Head through the next door to enter what looks kind of like a mansion with some suits of armor.

Keep following the path and stay out of the electrical floor panels. Once you make it to what seems like a dead end put some explosive gel on the wall that has the Hatter’s face on it and blow it up, it HAS to be on the wall or it won’t count. Go outside the wall and get on the tea cup plate and use the bat claw to get to the other side.

In the next room keep following the path until you run into a zip line and use it to zip through a card. As soon as you land start running because the floor will start get taken out by a clock hand. Head into the giant key hole door then use your remote claw to go up a level in the next room. Once you do that head up to the rope and you should see a clock box slightly below you that you can jump to. Jump to it and break it so you can get higher. Use the remote claw to get up to the door and leave the room.

Head through the next area and enter the door to enter another gear room. Shoot up to the ledge then look up again to see another shoot up point. Shoot up there and the Hatter will say you’ve ruined his party. Once you make it to the top of the tower the Hatter will have Alice and you will need to save her. Lock onto the Mad Hatter with a batarang and hold the trigger to make it a reverse batarang then throw it. After you hit him you get some EXP and the mission is over.

That will end the Batman Arkham Origins Mad Hatter Side Quest Guide, check back soon for more Batman guides!

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