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Batman Arkham Origins Guide: Shiva Side Quest Guide

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The Shiva side mission can be unlocked by finding a baby stroller in The Bowery. She will test your skill and see if you are worthy of being spared. This guide will help you prove your worth and beat the mission. Let’s go.

Shiva Most Wanted


Batman Arkham Origins Shiva Side Quest Guide

Go to the way point and he will be inside a building near the way point. Use your detective vision to see the door you can open and the cop is inside. When you enter you will see that the water is deadly so you will have to grapple up to the left and enter where the gate is broken. Break the power box up there and you will be ambushed by assassins. Take them out then use your remote claw to help you get to the other side so you can break the other box. After you deal with the second ambush use your remote claw to get back out and drop into the water. From there you can cut the guy down with a remote batarang because I couldn’t lock on with the normal one. Before you leave scan the blood in the room so you can find the other officer.

With detective vision on you can follow the foot prints until you find the other cop. You can kind of see a trail of small blue lights in the snow as you follow the foot prints. Once you make it to the end it turns outs you are to late to save the other officer. Shiva will come out of no where and attack you so counter her as soon as you can. After that you will have beat the first part of her test.

Head over to Sheldon Park to start up the next part of the mission. Enter the building at the way point and you will start a fight with Shiva. as soon as she disappears other ninjas will appear and you will have to counter 4 times. Shiva is pretty much just a thug with a sword and all you have to do is jump from target to target and keep damaging her. Once she gets a little below half hp you will get a cut scene and some more ninjas will appear to help her fight you, use your shock gloves if you have them. After you get her to about 10% you will get another brief cut scene and you will have to spam A or X to avoid getting hit. Once the cut scene is over she will leave and you will have beat the Shiva side mission.

That will end the Batman Arkham Origins Shiva Side Quest Guide, check back soon for more Batman guides.

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