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Battle Studies Midterm & Final Answers In Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet

Arguably the most exciting field of study, Battle Studies. In this Battle Studies Midterm & Final Answers In Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet guide we’ll make sure you ace both test exams as we have a complete list of all of the questions as well as the correct answers. It’s a bit like cheating really, isn’t it?

Battle Studies Midterm Answers In Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet

Question: The higher a Pokemon’s Sp.Def, the less damage it takes from ____ attacks
Answer: B) Special

Question: Which of the following has no effect on a move’s damage?
Answer: The move’s name

Question: How many trainers are on a Tera Raid Battle team?
Answer: B) Four

Question: What is an effective method for breaking an opponent’s Tera Shield?
Answer: B) Terastallizing and attacking

Question: What is Ms. Dendra’s favorite type?
Answer: A) Fighting

Battle Studies Final Answers In Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet

Question: Which cheer boosts Attack and Sp.Atk for all allies during a Tera Raid Battle?
Answer: A) Go all out!

Question: What do we call the battles that Pokemon are sent out with the R Button and do on their own?
Answer: C) Auto Battles

Question: How should you obtain LP?
Answer: B) Exchange materials

Question: High-level Pokemon are adjusted to what level when using Flat Rules in Link Battles?
Answer: A) Level 50

Question: When using Normal Rules in Link Battles, you can use multiple Pokemon of the same specifies and multiples of the same held item?
Answer: A) True

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