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Battleborn Legendary Gear Items For Each Character – Legendary Specifics

Battleborn Legendary Gear Items For Each Character - Legendary Specifics
Whether you’re a hardcore PvP fan or a diehard story addict, finding powerful new Gear items is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Every Hero in Battleborn can equip various Loadouts to improve their skills and abilities but each of these Heroes also has their own specific Legendary gear item. This Battleborn Legendary Gear Items guide lists all of the objectives you need to complete, for each individual Hero, if you hope to unlock their most powerful gear items.

There are many Legendary Gear items in Battleborn that are perfectly viable across multiple Heroes but there’s a select few that have added effects when equipped to a specific Hero. Although these items can be used on other Heroes, using the Legendary specific to a Hero is widely considered to be one of the best items available in the game for that character. Once you’ve LINK unlocked all the characters in Battleborn and you’ve picked your top dogs, you’ll want to chase down these Legendary Gear items as soon as possible.

Battleborn features 25 unique Heroes, each with their own Legendary Gear item. To unlock a Legendary Gear item for any Hero you must complete all of the associated Lore challenges with that character. The majority of these are time-served challenges

such as healing teammates for a total number of health points or defeating a huge number of enemy minions in your career. Despite the long and drawn out process, it’s worth the effort as some of the perks available are incredibly powerful.

How To Get Ambra’s Legendary Gear Item

    Cleansing Fire
    Heal teammates for 50,000 damage.

    Order of the Sustaining Mother
    Heal yourself for 24,000 health using the Staff of Randiance’s health drain ability.

    Staff of the Silent Sisters
    Deal 28,000 damage with Scorching Strikes.

    The Winds of Change
    Kill 500 enemies with Solar Wind.

    Command The Very Stars
    Deal 60,000 damage with Extinction Event.

    Reward: Shard of Jennar

How To Get Attikus’ Legendary Gear Item

    In His Face
    Land 12 critical hits on Lothar Rendain with Charged Hook

    Ascent From The Pits
    Win a match on each Tempest map at least once (Echelon, “the Saboteur”, and “The Heliophage”).

    Defender, You Have Become Defenseless
    Deal 30,000 bonus damage to shields.

    Leading The Charge
    Activate skill with a fully-charged Hedronic Collector, 200 times.

    Rise Of The Thrall
    Knock up three enemies simultaneously, 25 times.

    Reward: WIP

How To Get Benedict’s Legendary Gear Item

    Help for a Grounded Recruit?
    Kill 50 players while in the air.

    Rocket Jump Professional
    Glide for 3 hours (10,800 seconds).

    The Tour
    Play 5 matches on a team with at least three other Peacekeepers.

    So Many Rockets
    Fire 425 rockets in a single match, 5 times.

    The Bird’s Last Word
    Get 100 kills with Boomsday.

    Reward: “Air Mail” AGM Loader

How To Get Boldur’s Legendary Gear Item

    Play a match on a team composed of all Eldrid teammates.

    Defender of Ekkunaar
    Absorb 50,000 damage with the Ekkuni Greatshield.

    The Dwarf’s Favourite Axiom
    Deal 25,000 explosive damage with Axe Toss while energized by Runes of Power.

    The Unbearable
    While enraged, kill 1000 enemies.

    The Runes That Best Reflect My Mood
    Self-heal 10,000 damage with the Ekkuni Greatshield while energized by Runes of Power.

    Reward: Rune Of The Bear

How To Get Caldarius’s Legendary Gear Item

    Soaring Reputation
    Double Jump 1,600 times.

    The Armor Costs More Than You
    Deal 40,000 damage with Aerial Assault.

    A Vision Of Solitude
    Kill 200 Blinded enemies.

    The Arena and You: Partners in Freedom
    Kill 750 Jennerit troops.

    Three-To-One Contact
    Kill 150 enemies with Energy Blade while on a team with Rath.

    Reward: Blade Of Transfusion

How To Get Deande’s Legendary Gear Item

    Cloak And Dagger
    Kill 500 enemies with The Element of Surprise.

    One Step Ahead
    Stealth with less than 20% health, 30 times.

    War Is Hardly Civil
    Deal 10,000 damage to Rendain.

    Fan of the Empire
    Deal 60,000 Damage with Blink Storm.

    The Seeds Of Secret Orders
    Play 5 matches on the same team as Ambra.

    Reward: Fan Of The Retreat

How To Get El Dragón’s Legendary Gear Item

    Fired Up
    Kill 50 players while En Fuego.

    Armed And Handsomest
    Play 5 matches on the same team as Kleese

    The Fall Of The Luchador
    Destroy 1,000 minions with Dragon Splash.

    The Price for Disarmament
    Strike 4 enemies with a single use of clothesline, 100 times.

    The Rise Of The Dragon
    Land the killing blow on ISIC in “The Algorithm”.

    Reward: Charges Champion’s Belt

How To Get Galilea’s Legendary Gear Item

    Play 5 matches on the same team as Ambra.

    Kill Ambra 25 times.

    Dark Knight Of The Soul
    Regenerate 10,000 damage with Abyssal Form.

    Block 25,000 damage with the Sentinels Greatshield.

    No Redemption
    Kill 100 Jennerit enemies while Galilea is corrupted.

    Reward: Shadow Mote Overflow

How To Get Ghalt’s Legendary Gear Item

    Social Engineering
    Kill 100 Jennerit enemies with Scraptraps.

    The First Battleborn
    Achieve First Blood in 10 matches as Ghalt.

    Ghalt’s Call
    Pull 25 players with the Hook.

    The First Shots of the Solus War
    Deal 500,000 damage with Ghalt’s Revolver Shotgun.

    First Round Draft Picks
    Play 5 matches with Deande, Mellka, or Kleese on your team.

    Reward: U P R Synchronograph

How To Get ISIC’s Legendary Gear Item

    Deal 100,000 damage with Omega Strike

    Magnus Self-Review: MAG_MRBX-1210
    Use Overcharge ability 60 times.

    The Rogue Magnus Speaks!
    Block 50,000 damage with Rotating Wards.

    Warning: Rogue Magnus
    Play 5 matches on the same team as Kleese.

    Ocoban Mining Exploration Report
    Kill 250 Minions with Plasma Dash

    Reward: WIP

How To Get Kelvin’s Legendary Gear Item

    Bite-Size Wonders
    Deal 80,000 damage with Chomp.

    That’s An Ice Shield
    Absorb 50,000 shield damage.

    Miko Are All My Friends
    Play 5 matches on the same team as Miko.

    The Best Defense is De Fence
    Stun 100 enemies with Ice Wall.

    Micro Macro Mist Me
    Stun 3 enemy Battleborn with Sublimate simultaneously, 25 times.

    Reward: Plasmite-Infused Plating

How To Get Kleese’s Legendary Gear Item

    Slow, Not Dead
    Kill 500 enemies affected by Black Hole.

    Introducin: The Magnus
    Deal 10,000 Shield damage with Energy Mortars.

    A Shocking Message
    Damage 250 enemies with Kleese’s Shock Taser.

    Ride of the Battle Throne
    Play as Kleese at least once in every map of the game.

    I Care About You. No, Really.
    Restore 50,000 shield strength to allies with Energy Rift.

    Reward: WIP

How To Get Marquis’ Legendary Gear Item

    To Serve Man
    Hasten allies with Temporial Distortion 100 times.

    Trigger bonus damage from Eins,Zwei,Die 250 times.

    Hobo Eradication Protocol
    Deal 6,000 damage in a single match with Bindleblast, 10 times.

    More Robot Rebellion
    Deal 100,000 damage with Predatory Strike.

    Play 5 matches on the same team as Phoebe.

    Reward: Bindlebooster

How To Get Mellka’s Legendary Gear Item

    Furious Upbringing
    Deal 30,00 damage with Blade Launcher.

    Spaceborne Malady
    Kill 500 enemies while in the air.

    Heeding The Call
    Play 5 matches on the same team as Ghalt.

    Which Blade?
    Deal 250,000 damage to envenomed targets.

    Punching The Darkness
    Kill 100 Varelsi with Claw Lunge.

    Reward: Mutated Magazines

How To Get Miko’s Legendary Gear Item

    Regrown Universe
    Heal 30,000 damage with Miko’s Healing Beam.

    Two’s A Crowd
    Play 5 matches on the same team as Kelvin.

    Stun 100 enemies with Cloud of Spores.

    Sowing Destruction
    Assist in Killing 50 Enemies.

    Hats Off To The Healer
    Heal 3 allies at once with Fungus Among us, 30 times.

    Reward: Spores of Mikollopria

How To Get Montana’s Legendary Gear Item

    The Hearty Son of Aplia
    Take 1,000,000 damage.

    No Charge For The Evaluation
    Kill 50 enemies with Lumberjack Dash.

    Fireside Sing-Along
    Deal 15,000 Burning damage with Firestorm activated.

    Everybody Just Calm Down
    Slow 5 enemies concurrently with Hailstorm a total of 20 times.

    War Is Bliss
    Play 5 matches with at least one other Peacekeeper on your team.

    Reward: Custom-Fit Flack Vest

How To Get Orendi’s Legendary Gear Item

    Very Morphic Pillars
    Damage 3 enemies simultaniusly with Shadow Pillar, 40 times.

    Shifty Witching
    Deal 12,000 damage with Paradigm Shift in a single match.

    The Essence Of Chaos
    Use Nullify to knock an enemy back into your Shadowfire, 20 times.

    The Eyes Have You
    Deal 100,000 damage with Orendi’s secondary ranged attack.

    That’s A Very Nice Hat Trick
    Use Shadowfire Pillar 50 times in a single match, 10 times.

    Reward: Variable Morpher

How To Get Oscar Mike’s Legendary Gear Item

    I Am Literally Made For This
    Fire 50,000 rounds.

    Fitting In
    Deal 36,000 damage in a single match with Frag Grenades.

    Something To Ugly Cry About
    Deal 20,000 Airstrike damage while cloaked.

    On Sight Interview
    Kill 500 enemies with Red Dot sight activated.

    From Yer Best Bud
    Play 5 matches with Montana on your team.

    Reward: WIP

How To Get Phoebe’s Legendary Gear Item

    The Sky Is Falling
    Damage 8 enemies at aonce with Blade Cascade, 5 times.

    My Butler Buddy
    Play 5 matches on the same team as Marquis.

    Adventures In Phasing
    Teleport 250,000 meters with Phasegate.

    Deal 2000 damage in a single use of Blade Rush.

    Dancing Lessons Pay Off
    Deal 80,000 damage with True Strike.

    Reward: WIP

How To Get Rath’s Legendary Gear Item

    Sustained Across Time
    Deal 10,000 melee damage in a single match or mission, 10 times.

    Betrayal, Betrayer
    Kill 500 Jennerit.

    Render The Snake Headless
    Deal 2,000 damage to Rendain with Catalytic Smash.

    Axiom, Praxis and Precept
    Hit 3 enemies with Crossblade, 100 times.

    Thank You Letter
    Play 5 matches on the same team as Caldarius

    Reward: Improved Genetic Syphon

How To Get Reyna’s Legendary Gear Item

    Make It Reyna
    Absorb 25,00 damage with Photonic Ward.

    Now I Got Their Back
    Use Plasma Pulse to drain 150 enemies’ shields.

    The Signal
    Grant an Overshield to 100 allies.

    The Best Defense
    Kill 1000 enemies with Laser Pistol.

    A Marked Improvement To Battle
    Enemies marked by Priority Target take a total of 30,000 damage.

    Reward: Captain’s Snazzy Timepiece

How To Get Shayne and Aurox’s Legendary Gear Item

    Mentor For Monsters
    Play 5 matches on the same team as Reyna.

    Fetch Me A Symbiote
    Grab 25 enemy Battleborn with Fetch.

    Isn’t This A Buddy Comedy?!
    Kill 200 enemies with Stealth Strike.

    Always Comes Back
    Hit enemies 60 times with Shayne’s Boomerang while Shane & Aurox are separated.

    Re-Mined To Kill You Later
    Deal 10,000 damage with Tag Team.

    Reward: “Smack Attack” Slinger

How To Get Thorn’s Legendary Gear Item

    Daughter Of Shadows
    Kill 500 enemies with Blight.

    Spry Spirit Spray
    Kill 20 players with Volley while airbourne.

    The Last
    Win “The Archive” on Advanced difficulty without losing any lives.

    Vengeance For The Lost
    Kill 1000 Jennerit troops.

    Granddaughter Of Stone
    Complete 5 matches on the same tam as Boldur.
    Reward: Aelfrin Memory Band

How To Get Toby’s Legendary Gear Item

    Pick On Your Own (Shield) Size!
    Absorb 20,000 damage with Force Field.

    Temper, Temper, Ta-Boom
    Kill 20 enemies with Berg’s self-destruct mechanism.

    Hit 250 enemies with Railgun rounds accelerated by Force Field.

    None Shall Pass
    Detonate 50 Arc Mines with Toby’s Custom Railgun.

    Killing On Rails
    Get 10 double-kills with Core Discharge.

    Reward: The Double Hug

How To Get Whiskey Foxtrot’s Legendary Gear Item

    Mike, Check
    Get 150 critical hits on enemy Battleborn.

    Sticky Situations
    Stick grenades to enemy Battleborn 50 times.

    Going Alone
    Kill Oscar Mike 25 times.

    Some Find Me Repulsive
    Knockback 2500 enemies with Scrap Cannon.

    Say Mike Again
    Get 500 kills with Whiskey Foxtrot’s Quick Melee attack.

    Reward: WIP

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