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Battlefield 3 Advanced Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Battlefield 3 Advanced Multiplayer Tips and Tricks
This Battlefield 3 Advanced Multiplayer Tips and Tricks guide is a direct follow on from our new player guide published late last week. If you haven’t check our other Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Tips and Tricks Guide, you should give it a look before reading on.

One of the most underused aspects of Battlefield 3 is spotting. When you spot an enemy unit, this allows for your team to have that unit visible on the map for a short amount of time. A simple action of pressing one button can save the life of an infantry team mate, prolong the life of a tank, or give friendly aircraft the visibility they need to take out a target. When you spot an enemy unit, you’re awarded 10 points if definitive action is taken against that unit, so there is a small incentive thrown in to. You will, at some point, find yourself playing infantry, surrounded by heavily armored tanks or a well place Jeep, unless you’re an Engineer or get lucky with some C4, you’re going to need some help. This is where spotting can save your life, help your team cap a location or destroy vital enemy vehicles, spot the armor hide and wait. Hopefully your team will find a way to take it out, if not, don’t lose heart, the game is still fresh and people are still learning.

Squad Leader Mechanics
Are you a Squad Leader? Yes? Well then do your job! So far, Squad Leader is totally wasted in almost every multiplayer game of Battlefield 3. A Squad Leader can mark and designate targets to attack, spot enemy units and allow squad members to spawn directly on him/her. A smart Squad Leader can be enough to turn the tide in a close battle, and to be a good squad leader is very simple, direct your troops. The first thing you want to do is designate the target you’re going for. So tell your team to go to one of the enemy controlled locations, use the spot command and it will be flagged for your squad, this lets all your members know exactly what you’re aiming for and you also get 20 points for a neutralize and another 20 for a cap. Your job from there is not tie your head band, rip your shirt and run in like Rambo, quite the opposite. As Squad Leader you want to remain 80-100 distance from the location and totally out of sight, this way if your squad members attack and die they can spawn directly on you for quick reinforcements. As you notice the area about to become neutral, that’s when you move in to earn the 200×2 bonus for capping the location. If your position is discovered before then, more to another area making sure you make your team mates aware to hold their spawn. Stick your head out on occasion to mark targets for any reinforcements and you’re good to go. You will also want to get friendly with any pilots on your map, or armor, tell them your intentions and see if they can back you up. A coordinated squad attack with a single plane in support is enough to cap any location on a randoms map.

As an infantry soldier you will need to hide, a lot. This is not camping, it is not lame or immature to value your virtual life, it is smart. The more you die, the more tickets you waste for your team, your main objective is to stay alive for as long as possible while trying to cap locations. First thing you want to do is get into a tank and look at the field of view, it’s minimal at best. If you remain 30-40 distance from enemy tanks, behind rocks or under brush, they will not see you. You can give it a shot but running at a tank screaming “Freedom” while shooting off some AK bullets doesn’t make you hero, it makes you first in line for the loony bin. Whatever you’re doing, if you hear a tank nearby, hide immediately. Even as an Engineer, if a tank see’s you before, or at the same time you see it, you’ll die first almost every time. Stay out of sight until you get chance to flee, or if you have the capabilities, take a shot, move location and hide again. Running from a tank that has spotted you will get you killed more often than not, the secret is not to be seen in the first place. Oh and don’t hide on top of a building if you’re protecting a location from being capped by an enemy tank, they’ll just tear it down around you. Stay low, in bushes or behind rocks/cars etc.

Vehicle Use
Do you die everytime you get in a plane? Have you gone 0-5 in a tank? You have? Then stop using them. If a map features vehicles, the control of these vehicles usually determines the outcome. Don’t use a plane to get somewhere fast and ditch it, leave it to a skilled pilot. The same applies to transport vehicles, you’re responsible for each life in your vehicle, if you die you’ll just waste multiple tickets for your team. Be smart and mature, leave the vehicles to those experience, in time servers will pop up that are specifically designed for training, until then bite the bullet and man up. Oh and don’t ever teamkill for a vehicle, it is possibly the most lamest thing you could do on a videogame and more often than not, can turn multiple team mates against you and even get you ran out of the server or banned.

More will be added to the guide shortly, have any feedback? Leave a comment below, you’ll get credited in the article.

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  1. Some good tips here, I’d like to see a nice long segment on using VOICE! So many people fail at using the in-game voice to help coordinate.

    Most games I play not a single person on my team has voice turned on…When the roommate and I use voice we dominate servers as very few people can coordinate!

    1. I wasn’t even aware there was an in-game voice function. If you would please provide instructions for people on how to turn it on (However basic) I’ll add it to the post along with info on when/how to use VoIP

      1. Aim at a teammate that is either Assault or Suppression and press the spot button. Your character will vocally request either ammo or medi-pack depending on the the class you’re looking at. If your one of these classes already you can hit the spot button to offer ammo/medi-pack. It’s all in-game voice when you hit the button. hope this helps

        1. Thanks! I never knew how to voice request ammo/med.

          If you want to add me on PC, my username is: LookTwice007

          WARNING: Even with these awesome tips I’m still not that good!

  2. Just playd BFBC2 vietnam before BF3 but this is one awsome game. nice to see ppl think about ther possition in team !! hate noobs that dont drop ammo/medi when your all out or 10% HP. its a team based game ppl, dont forget your importanse in it.
    whant a team player? ingame name “Hartnixen”

  3. Besides the built in voice function just using your mic can help a team win. The teams are even broken down into four person squads(if you decide to be a part of that) and within each squad individuals can coordinate with each other to better defend an objective or capture it. Another nice feature of squads is spawning. as long as someone is alive you have a mobile spawn point.

  4. Hey nice tips also if your bad and cant find a gun to use reach lvl 16 and use ump-45 and if your on ps3 hit me up wit a friend always lookin for a good squad ME= Stillkill42

  5. i was just wondering since i have an actual ps3 microphone if anyone good wants to help me with some strategies. Also i was looking for someone who is willing to do co-op with me so we could unlock new guns for multiplayer…

  6. You can also look at friendly vehicles and hit the spot button to request transport pick up. always looking for new people who play as a team and have headsets…. add me on PS3: SoA_MAYHEM

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